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The Expert Tie Knot: How to Tie a “Christensen”

How To Tie a Necktie with the Christensen Knot

Indeed, most tie knots look quite similar to one another. Typically it is only the size of the knot, and its symmetry that differentiates one from another. But, there is in fact one knot that will stand out in many more ways than simply size and proportion. I am talking about the so-called “Christensen”. It is considered an “experts” knot. It will be perfect if you have been looking for a completely new way to tie, and wear your neckties. When tied with a normal width tie (3 – 3.5 inches in width) the Christensen will stand out because of its larger size, and when tied with a skinny tie (2.25 to 2.75 inches in width) it will stand out because of the cross-patten on the knot. Here are the detailed instructions that will help you master one of the most difficult, and also most unique ways to tie your necktie:

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-1Step #1:
Just like you would with most other tie knots, flip up your collar and lay your necktie around your neck so that the stitching faces towards you. Because the “Christensen” takes much more of the tie’s length, you want to have the wider end hang much further down then when tying other tie knots. My tip: Men taller than 6 foot should consider wearing a longer length tie made for taller men (usually 62-63 inches long). Now wrap the wide end around the narrow end.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-2Step #2:
Pull the first wrapping (step 1) tight slightly. Then wrap around the neck opening as show in my illustration on the left.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-3Step #3:
Pull tight slightly and wrap the wide end around the front of the narrow end. Do not pull tight.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-4Step #4:
Repeat step #3. This second wrapping makes the Christensen different from all other tie knots. it is also the reason why you need much more of the tie’s length to tie this knot. Once again, do not pull these two wrapping tight yet.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-5Step #5:
Now that both wrappings are in place it is time to finish the knot. To do so, pull the wide end through the neck opening.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-6Step #6:
Then take the wide end and pull it through both wrappings you created in step 4 and step 5 above.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-7Step #7:
Make sure that both wrappings align. When tying this knot with a skinny tie, the wrappings cross each other (see image 8), and when wearing a normal width tie, the first wrapping will hide behind the second one.

tie-a-tie-christensen-knot-8Step #8:
Last but not least, pull the knot tight. You will almost always have a natural dimple when tying this knot (especially when wearing a normal width tie).

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Three Must Have Ties for Fall & Winter 2012

Three Must Have Ties for Fall & Winter 2012

As a tie aficionado I get excited every-time my favorite tie shops here in San Francisco receive their new seasonal collections. This is exactly what happened a few days ago when I stopped by some of my favorite men’s clothiers here in the city, where I was greeting with a wide collection of new tie colors and designs. I then went on to a few larger department stores that are known to carry a larger tie assortment of many well known brands and labels. After several hours of tie shopping I found three ties which, I believe, should be in every man’s collection for the coming Fall and Winter season.

dark-gold-necktieSpice Colored Necktie
Be it high-end designer Brioni or the more mass-produced tie collection of Banana Republic, one thing almost all designs and labels share is the presence of so-called “Spice” colors. A look at the spice section of your local Whole Foods is enough to give you a good idea of what to expect. Ties in saffron, cinnamon, cayenne, and oregano could be found in any designer’s current collection. These colors look excellent when paired with all fall and winter suits. They also look great with heavier fabrics such as tweed, worsted wool, flannel, and cashmere. The tie I picked was a solid saffron tie Tom Ford that is slightly slimmer in width at about 3 inches. Although not the tie I purchased, the tie pictured on the left is quite similar, and at just $18.90, cost a fraction of what I paid. Click on the image to purchase the tie at our affiliate site:

Tie Made from Worsted Wool or Cashmere
Woolen ties were already in style last year, a trend that appears to stick around for yet another Fall and Winter season. Personally I like the combination of the rugged texture of worsted wool most when paired with a more modern skinny cut. My suggestion, look for a tie made from a coarser worsted wool that is about 2.25 to 2.5 inches in width. Keep the design subtle and the colors dark and muted. Think grays, midnight blue, olive, and maroon. Tie this tie with a more casual Four in Hand knot and your are set to go!

knitted-tie-grayKnitted, Dark Colored, Skinny Tie
Another trendy that stuck around from last Winter are knitted ties. My tip: look for a solid colored tie that is skinny in width (2-2.5 inches), knitted using silk, and featuring a flat (squared) tip. The tie on the left, by Banana Republic, is a perfect example. Pair this tie with a narrow spread collar, slim fit suit, and tied with a loosely tied four in Hand for most dapper results. For more matching tips on these pieces, check out my guide on Wearing Knitted Ties

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Modern Ways to Tie a Tie: Cavendish Knot

How to Tie a Cavendish Knot

If you like the asymmetric look of the half Windsor, but also want a slightly longer shaped, and a little bigger sized knot, then the Cavendish is a perfect choice. It was “invented” by two Cambridge University professors (Thomas Fink and Yong Mao) that are most well known for their research on necktie knots, and for publishing the book titled “85 Ways to Tie a Tie“. The Cavendish knot is named after the Cavendish Laboratories – the Department of Physics at Cambridge where Frank and Mao studied and taught.

Tie a Cavendish Knot Instructions:

tie-a-cavendish-1Flip up your shirt collar and lay your tie around your neck. The stitching should be facing towards you and should not be visible. Also, because the Cavendish takes extra length of the tie, keep the wide end hanging much lower than the narrow end. I suggest that the wide end hangs down about 2/3 to 3/4 of the total length of the tie.

tie-a-cavendish-2Just like with every tie knot, lay the wide end of the tie behind the narrow end (like shown in the illustration).

tie-a-cavendish-3Wrap the wide end all the way around the narrow end, and pull tight slightly.

tie-a-cavendish-4Now pull the wide end in between shirt collar and necktie, and wrap around (see illustration).

tie-a-cavendish-5Take the wide end, and wrap it behind and around the narrow end of the tie. Do not pull tight, but create a loop (needed to finish the knot in the next step). Then re-do the wrapping you did in the previous step. This gives the tie more size and more asymmetry.

tie-a-cavendish-6As a final step pull the wide end through the loop you created in the previous step and pull tight. (Tip: Give the knot a little pinch right before tightening it. This creates the dimpled tie-knot look that will set you apart from all the other tie wearers). Last but not least, center the knot and flip down your short collar.

I hope these instructions were helpful.


Clip-On Ties: Acceptable or Tacky?

Should a Man Ever Wear a Clip-on Tie?

Clip-on ties: Not just a myth in men’s fashion, but an actual reality. Who wears them? From a sartorialist’s point of view, are they an acceptable fashion accessory? What are the benefits of these pre-tied neckties? In this brief article I am exploring the pros and cons of the pre-tied clip on neckties.

The Pros & Cons
Because I enjoy styling my neckties with different tie knots, I would never consider even wearing a clip-on tie. But there are some benefits to these pre-tied pieces. First of all, they may be considered to be more convenient since no tie a tie knowledge is needed. They always end at the same length, the knot always looks the same, and the clip-on tie attaches quickly and easily onto the collar. Another, and maybe even more important benefit is comfort and safety. Clip-on ties are not worn around the neck which reduces any risk of choking accidents when operating dangerous machinery for instance – just think about the picture of getting your necktie stuck in a paper shredder… =)

Speaking against using clip-on ties is their tacky reputation. In short, fashion and tie aficionados would never opt for a pre-tied necktie or bow tie. In fact, tying your own tie offers many benefits. First of all you can adjust the length of the tie to compliment your height and neck size. Second, tying your own tie is fun and it allows for personal styling. You can choose knots to match your shirt collar and tie design, and you can even dimple your tie knot to add more volume and a better drape. Last but not least, the selection of clip-on ties is very limited. Designer ties and brand name ties for instance are simply not available as a clip-on.

When Acceptable & When Considered a Faux Pas
Now that you have read the pros and cons of clip-on ties, you will most likely think that clip-on ties don’t have a place in a man’s wardrobe. Well, you may be surprised to hear me say that they still do! Some men are unable to tie a tie. Men that have suffered a severe stroke for instance often loose movement in their left arm, making it almost impossible to tie a necktie. Also, clip-on ties are popular in certain industries. Security companies for instance often outfit their staff with clip-on ties. They are perfect for a consistent “uniform look” (all the knots look to be tied the same), they are convenient, and most importantly they eliminate choking accidents.

Another popular event where clip-on bow ties are worn are school proms and (unfortunately so) also weddings. Although commonly worn, I suggest you don’t wear a pre-tied bow tie past the years of high school. Learn to tie your own bow tie. A self tied bow tie is instantly noticeable and a sign for a man’s good taste, sophistication, and undisputed elegance. Don’t know how to tie a bow tie? Then check out my tutorial on tying a bow tie.

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#9 Most Famous Tie Aficionado: Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire Makes it Onto #9 of My Top10 Famous Tie Wearer List

fred-astaire-fashionThere are certain names that, when uttered, immediately begin to conjure up images of fashion and style. Cary Grant, for example, is a style icon if there ever was one, and has gone down in history as being one of the most fashionable male celebrities of all time (in addition to being the 6th most famous tie wearer). The same can be said for Fred Astaire, whose name has become synonymous with style and class to this very day. Astaire took an approach to style that many people in today’s world might have a hard time relating to, if only because the way he dressed was practically the opposite of the more casual lean that is often by modern men. This being said, the celebrity is a great example of how effective it can be to go the extra mile and put some work into one’s appearance, and a lot of this comes from his choice of ties. Consider all of the following about Fred Astaire, as you may find that you’d like to incorporate his look into your own appearance.

Style and Formality Above All Else
It’s not uncommon for men today to get exceptionally nervous when they have to dress up for a formal event. (If this is you, then please see my guide on Black Tie). Fred Astaire, on the other hand, was more comfortable in a suit than anyone could ever be, and made the look his very own in short order. His approach towards suits was to wear those which were relatively dark in color and featured a very slim fit. Pinstripes and wide lapels were huge parts of Astaire’s look, as was the corsage. Astaire basically did everything he could to look his best, and rarely failed. He was also known for having a penchant for wearing a variety of different types of hats; Panama hats, bowlers and top hats were just a few of his favorites. Regardless of what he was up to, Fred Astaire could always be seen looking dapper.

Astaire’s Ties
One of the most important things to understand about how Fred Astaire chose his ties was that he almost always went with pieces that were relatively slim for the time. The combination of slim tie and wide lapel can be very attractive and create a nice sense of contrast; something Fred Astaire surely took into consideration when putting his look together. While he often wore solid ties, Astaire was also known to wear relatively eye-catching patterns as well, which he would typically try to match with the perfect pocket square. Neckties were definitely Astaire’s preferred style of neckwear, although his extra-formal ensembles would very often include either a black or silver bow tie.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
There are plenty of things that modern men can take away from Fred Astaire’s approach to style and fashion. The combination of narrow tie and wide lapel, for example, could serve to be very attractive in the modern world, and doesn’t get utilized nearly enough. In fact, most fashion experts, including myself, suggest that skinny ties are paired with proportionately sized narrow lapeled suits. While this may be the norm for a J.Crew look, there is something to be said about being bold, and challenging wardrobe rules. Thus, I suggest you give it a try: Pair a slightly slimmer cut tie with wider lapel suit. For more tips please see my guide on How to Tie a Skinny Tie

Last but not least, take note of Astair’s approach to formal way. Formal dress truly has a time and place, and just because you can dress casually doesn’t mean that you should.

5th Most Famous Tie Wearer: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s Semi-Nude GQ Cover Shot Makes Her on of the Most Famous Tie Wearers of the Past Century

jennifer-aniston-nude-necktieMost people can agree that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous actresses in the world today. While her talents on the screen have certainly made her career what it is, it doesn’t hurt that she’s an exceptionally gorgeous woman as well. While it’s been over three years since Aniston first shocked the world by wearing a red, white and blue striped tie in the nude on the cover of GQ magazine, this iconic cover shot still matters, and has even spawned a cult following since first being published. The cover shot is certainly more about Aniston’s beauty than anything else, but without doubt, this also makes her one of the most famous tie wearers of the past century. The following are just a few things that both men and women can learn from Jennifer Aniston’s incredible fashion sense, as well as how to possibly incorporate certain elements of her style into your very own look.

Aniston’s Style
Jennifer Aniston’s style has certainly gone through plenty of shifts throughout the years, but the basic preficice of how she chooses to put herself together has not changed. Aniston is known for her ability to find perfect balance between the “girl next door” look, and that of a sultry, seductive woman. It’s this ability to sway from one side of the spectrum to the other that has made her so appealing to a wide variety of different types of people, as she can just as easily look cute as she can sexy. Having walked the red carpet more times than she can probably remember, she’s been seen in countless dresses, usually sticking to those which scream class and sophistication. While she’s not one to wear a tie on a regular basis, she definitely made headlines the one time that she took this route.

The GQ Tie
Aniston certainly didn’t need anything to make her more famous than she already happened to be, although her GQ cover shot in which she wore a Brooks Brothers red, white and blue tie certainly didn’t hurt her image at all. Made out of Italian silk and cotton, the Brooks Brothers “Triple Guard Stripe Tie” is about as “All-American” as it gets, and features a modern width of 3.25”. The tie itself has become extremely popular since the shoot, and has even been featured on an episode of David Letterman that Aniston appeared on. Brooks Brothers actually sells the tie, and while it does happen to be rather expensive at around $150, there’s no getting around the fact that it’d be the perfect conversational piece for both men and women. Don’t want to spend that much on a striped tie? Then please see my suggested retailers at my section titled “buy ties online

Fashion Take-Aways for Men
If Aniston’s GQ shot did anything other than make her look even hotter than she already did, it proved to America and the rest of the world that ties and other formal pieces still have a place in today’s fashion industry. After all, people dress more casually now than they have in a long while, and many have all but forgotten what it’s like to throw on a tie and look one’s best. The “GQ tie” as it has become called can look great when paired with any well-tailored suit, and is perfect for those who find themselves in the office on a regular basis.

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Donald Trump – The 10th Most Famous Tie Wearer

Famous for Wearing Pink Ties: Donald Trump

donald-trump-pink-tieThere’s no getting around the fact that Donald Trump is one of the most well-known business celebrities in the world. Trump has famously been criticized for his cutthroat, and perhaps sometimes also overly arrogant, approach to business, which has cast him in a poor light in the minds of certain people. This being said, Trump didn’t stumble upon his riches blindly, and happens to be a very good example of how effective it can be for one to gain a thorough understanding of business logistics. While his appearance has waxed and waned over the years, most will agree that he has his own unique sense of style when it comes to the ties he wears. It should come as no surprise that someone with Trump’s kind of money would have a rather dapper collection of ties in their wardrobe; he even has his own signature line of neckwear through Macy’s – something that convinced me to put him on my list (although in last place) of Famous Tie Wearers. The following are just a few aspects of Donald Trump’s approach to wearing ties that can help you to gain a better understanding of who he is as a person.

Trump’s Style
While a lot of people don’t necessarily associate Donald Trump with high fashion, he actually happens to have a very good eye for style. Regardless of what he’s doing on any given day, there’s a good chance Trump will be seen wearing a suit. Trump’s suits tend to be a bit boxy given his figure, although this is not to say that they aren’t well-tailored. While he’s known to wear suits of a variety of different shades and colors, he tends to stick with those which are rich and relatively neutral; charcoal grey, navy blue etc. The suit is such a huge part of Trump’s appearance it should come as no great surprise that he wears them so often; after all, they provide the perfect frame for his ties.

Trump’s Ties
While Trump’s suits are certainly attractive enough in their own right, it’s the ties he wears that truly take his appearance to the next level. Trump is known for wearing ties that feature a bright colors; cornflower blues and sunny yellows, for example. He is also quite partial to the “power tie,” as he can be very often seen wearing ties that feature deep, rich shades of red. His favorite tie color however, is the solid pink necktie.

The celebrity is no stranger to patterns either, as even though he tends to gravitate towards solid ties, he can very often be seen wearing those which feature wide horizontal stripes or tight geometric patterns. As he should, Trump uses his ties to accent his appearance and break up the subtlety of his suits. Just don’t expect Trump to show up in a bow tie, as neckties are almost always his first choice.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
It’s important to understand that just because Donald Trump is exceedingly wealthy doesn’t mean one needs to be in order to take hints from his style. The name of the game here is to stick with colors that will make even the most drab suits “pop;” pastels and other bright colors can be very effective. Trump’s ties also tend to be relatively wide, so avoiding the skinny ties that have become so popular as of late may be a wise choice if you’re going for this look. Experiment with different styles to see what works best for you. On a final note: While Trump prefers brightly colored ties, keep the season in mind before wearing the signature Donald Trump pink tie. Use brightly colored ties in spring and summer. For the Fall and Winter season choose ties that are a bit more muted. For more information on pink ties, I suggest you read my article titled “Matching a Pink Tie.

Third Most Famous Tie Wearer: Beau Brummel

Beau Brummel is the 3rd Most Famous Tie Wearer

beau-brummel-mens-tiesFor those who are not up to speed on their fashion history, the name Beau Brummel may elicit head-scratching more than anything else. The fact is, however, Brummel may have hard perhaps the largest impact on men’s fashion and style in history, being credited as having invented the modern men’s suit. Given his influence on the world of mens fashion, it should come to no suroprise, that Beau Brummel also finds himself on my Top 10 Most Famous Tie Wearer List.

A vastly important figure in the days of Regency England, Brummel’s approach to fashion changed everything during his lifetime, and dramatically influenced the way many people approach style and fashion to this day. Eschewing the more formal, ornate dress that was exceptionally popular during England at the time, Brummel made men the world over change their views of how one should put themselves together each day. The following are just a few important characteristics of Beau Brummel’s appearance to take into consideration, all of which can help you to better understand the modern men’s suit.

Changing The Ways of the Past
If Brummel is known for anything, it’s the fact that he took traditional men’s formal attire and turned it upside down. For example, stockings and knee breeches were quite popular at the time; Brummel’s take on fashion and style replaced them with full-length trousers. The rest of the look usually combined dark coats with extremely high-quality linen shirts, rounding things off with boots that Brummel was known for recommending they be polished with champagne. It should come as no surprise that Brummel was said to spend upwards of 5 hours each day putting himself together; while perhaps a bit extreme, it’s proof that real men take the time to make sure they look their best before heading out on the street.

Brummel’s Approach to Neckwear
Beau Brummel took a much different approach to neckwear than what had been worn in the past. More often than not, Brummel wore ruffled ascots, which quickly became the standard in England and many other parts of the world. This being said, he did not stop there when it came to influencing his appearance and that of those around him with neckwear. The cravat became a very big part of this look, having originated in Croatia but quickly finding its way into formal attire throughout other parts of the world as well. Brummel is even credited with having had a large hand in the invention of the modern cut tie, although it is debatable as to whether or not there is any truth to this.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
If the modern man can take away anything from how Beau Brummel tended to dress, it should be that Brummel truly cared about how he looked each day of his life. The myth that it took him 5 hours to prepare himself may be a bit overdone, but modern men should learn from this the fact that putting care into one’s appearance is of the utmost importance, and should never be overlooked. While the ruffled ascot itself may not be in fashion anymore, there’s no reason one can’t consider experimenting with wearing a modern ascot from time to time.

Other Famous Tie Wearers:
Most Famous Tie Wearer: Winston Churchill
Cary Grant: 6th Most Famous Tie Wearer

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The Inventor of the Windsor Knot: The Duke of Windsor

4th Most Famous Tie Wearers of the Past Century: The Duke of Windsor

duke-of-windsor-necktiesIt should come as absolutely no surprise that the Duke of Windsor finds himself making the list of the top 10 tie wearers of all time. Formally Prince Edward, the title of Duke was given after Edward’s 1936 abdication, with the name coming from the area in which Windsor Castle is located. The Duke was not only known for being an exceptionally sharp dresser, but also for making an extremely important contribution to the world of men’s fashion; he invented the Windsor knot, which has gone on to become one of the most popular knots in the world of menswear today. Dressing in the vein of the Duke of Windsor doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as you can learn as much as possible about how he would typically put himself together. The following are just a few things to take into consideration about The Duke of Windsor’s approach to fashion and style, as well as how he wore his ties.

The Duke’s Approach to Style
There’s no getting around the fact that the Duke had an excellent sense of style. Known for wearing double-breasted suits that were perfectly tailored and fit his frame rather perfectly, the Duke certainly knew how to make an appearance when setting out in public. He also had a knack for white tie attire, something that isn’t nearly as popular now as it was back in the Duke’s heyday. The Duke almost always wore suits that featured notched lapels, which perfectly suited his appearance. The Duke’s approach to style is something that any modern man can benefit from taking into consideration, even if they tend to dress somewhat casually as a rule.

The Windsor Knot
While the Duke of Windsor is surely famous for a variety of different reasons, it’s difficult to argue with the fact that the Windsor knot was perhaps one of his greatest contributions to society. While the Four-in-Hand and Half-Windsor are both popular knot options, the Windsor remains one of the most important in men’s fashion, and can be seen all throughout the world at this point in time. Windsor knots are famous for their ability to create the perfect “dimple” in a tie, which can really add to one’s appearance. This being said, it’s one of the more difficult knots to learn to tie, and requires a fair amount of practice in order for one to get the hang of it. Once mastered, however, the Windsor knot is something that will stick with you for life.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
Aside from his overall dapperness, the most important thing that one can take away from the Duke of Windsor is the knot which bears his name. Learning how to tie a Windsor knot doesn’t have to take long, and there are plenty of instructional videos online that can help you to do so. The more time and effort you can put into learning how to properly tie a tie, the more dapper you’re likely to look on an everyday basis.

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Famous for Wearing Skinny Ties: The Blues Brothers

The 8th Most Famous Tie Wearers: The Blues Brothers

blues-brothers-skinny-tiesSome characters in the history of television and film owe a great deal of their success to the way they dressed. Pee-Wee Herman, for example, simply wouldn’t have been the same character if he had dressed in a different manner, nor would James Bond. The Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi) certainly find themselves fitting into this category, as it was their appearances that truly made them stand out. Beginning as a sketch comedy piece on the ever popular Saturday Night Live, the concept of the Blues Brothers quickly rose in popularity, catapulting the duo towards stardom both on-stage as a musical act, and in the seminal 1980 film The Blues Brothers. A great deal of the Blues Brothers’ look came from the ties they wore as part of their outfits – something that convinced me to place them on #8 of the Most Famous Tie Wearer list. Learn more about how the duo dressed, and how it may even have a positive influence on your own sense of style.

The Blues Brothers Look
There were a great deal of different ensemble elements that gave the Blues Brothers their iconic look. Fedoras, sunglasses (Wayfarer 1s) and black 42-R suit jackets were all crucial pieces that contributed to the overall look, as well as crisp white dress shirts and golf Timex watches. While this was undoubtedly a play on the attire often worn by Chicago blues musicians that the Blues Brothers draw upon as source material, it actually worked quite well for them and turned out to be rather fashionable. Still, there’s no getting around the satirical nature of how the Blues Brothers chose to dress, as well as the fact that the wore the same outfits for every performance in order to fully drive home the iconic nature of their look.

Skinny Ties
Regardless of how many elements went into the appearance of the Blues Brothers, none were quite as important as the ties they wore. The Blues Brothers wore ties that were exceptionally skinny; it is estimated that they were about 5cm in width towards their end, and were just long enough to reach their belts. These skinny black ties were perhaps an answer to the wider, boxy ties that were often seen in the business world during the late 1970s, and made the Blues Brothers stand out as the rebels without a cause they claimed to be. A wider tie simply wouldn’t have worked as part of their ensembles, and would’ve changed everything about the appearance of the Blues Brothers.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
It’s safe to say that dressing like the Blues Brothers will certainly make you stand out, but perhaps not for the reasons that you’d prefer. Indeed, their appearance was “over the top” by design, and meant for the stage more than anything else. Still, skinny ties can be very effective when worn properly, and are quite popular among young men in the modern world. “Hipsters,” for example, tend to hold the skinny tie in high-regard, as it is a huge part of their overall look. While you don’t have to go as skinny as the Blues Brothers, steering clear of boxy ties can be a great way to streamline your look. For more fashion tips with skinny ties, please also check out my articles titled “How to Tie a Skinny Tie” as well as “Skinny Tie Style Tips“.

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