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7th Most Famous Tie Wearer: Pee Wee Herman

Pee Wee Herman is the 7th Most Famous Tie Wearer of the Past Century

pee-wee-herman-bow-tie#7 of my Top 10 Most Famous Tie Wearers is Pee Wee Herman. When it comes to characters that have had a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, there are few names that come to mind in the same way as Pee-Wee Herman. Portrayed by acclaimed actor Paul Reubens, the “comedian who could never make it” took starring roles in both film and television, and soon went on to become a household name as a result of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, a popular children’s television show. Much of what made Pee-Wee Herman so instantly recognizable was his appearance, which was unique to the point that it’d be next to impossible to confuse the character with someone else; it was the bow tie, though, that truly made Pee-Wee Herman so recognizable. The following are just a few things to learn about the look of this iconic character, much of which made the character who he is.

Pee-Wee’s Formal Look
Throughout a great deal of the character’s career (especially in the early years), Pee-Wee Herman was known for wearing a grey plaid suit, which was originally borrowed from Reuben’s comedic colleague Gary Austin. The suit was well-tailored, featuring notched lapels and a perceived texture that really made the character stand out. Pee-Wee Herman would usually accent the suit with a white pocket square, as well as a crisp white dress shirt that featured an extremely stiff collar. Many people dubbed this Pee-Wee’s “formal look,” although it should be noted that this was the look that the character embodied 90% of the time he was in the public eye; even at awards shows and interviews.

The Red Bow Tie
While Pee-Wee already had a look all his own, it was his small red bow tie that pulled everything together and made his appearance what it was. This was the only piece of neckwear that Herman wore, and was characterized by its bright, attention-grabbing solid-red color. The bow tie was originally given to Reubens by an acquaintance of his, who quickly determined that it would be a huge part of his character’s look. One of the things that makes the tie stand out is its size; it’s much smaller than a typically bow tie, yet it adds balance to the character’s appearance when up against the slim, well-tailored suit that characterized his style. Without the red bow tie, it’s safe to say that Pee-Wee Herman simply wouldn’t have looked anywhere near the way he’s come to be remembered.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
It’s true that Pee-Wee Herman was a unique looking character, but most men would agree that he was just that; a character. Trying to copy this look and pull it off will, for the most part, not do anyone any favors. That said, you can learn a lot about the way Herman wears his bold bow tie with a subdued grey suit; the contrast that this creates is perhaps the most important aspect of his look. Contrast can be very effective in an ensemble, and you can utilize a similar method to create it in your own outfits. Just be sure to avoid going too far with it, as Herman’s look is exemplary of what too much contrast can do to an ensemble. On a final note, Pee Wee Herman didn’t bother learning to tie his own bow tie, but instead chose a clip-on. My tip: Unless it is part of a costume, never step out of the house with a pre-tied bow tie. If you need help, I created a tutorial on How to tie a bow tie

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Cary Grant is the 6th Most Famous Tie Wearer

The 6th Most Famous Tie Wearer of the Past Century: Cary Grant

Famous-Ties-Cary-GrantWhen people hear the name Cary Grant, fashion and style come to mind almost automatically. This is especially true for those who consider themselves to be fashion-forward and pay attention to men’s fashion as a whole, as Cary Grant is very much a style icon from the past. His style and sophistication would never have gotten to the point that they did without his ability to truly pull off wearing a tie as if it was his job, however, making Cary Grant one of the 10 most famous tie wearers of all time. The following are just a few things to take into consideration about how Cary Grant approached fashion and style, as well as the approach he took to wearing ties in a fashionable manner. Suffice to say, modern men can learn quite a bit from Cary Grant and the look he embodied.

Timeless Qualities
Perhaps what made Grant such an important player in the world of men’s fashion during his heyday was the fact that his ensembles were nothing short of timeless. The suit and tie were mainstays of Grant’s appearance, and had a huge impact on how he was perceived by the public. Grant went with slim-cut jackets, which perfectly fit his frame and allowed him to look his best even on off-days. His trousers were equally slim, often featuring a single pleat. Exposed cuffs were definitely a big part of Grant’s appearance, as he tended to wear his jacket sleeves a bit higher up than most people might say is common. Finally, Grant usually went with suit jackets that featured relatively wide lapels; the perfect frame for the ties he seemed to wear so effortlessly.

Grant’s Ties
A lot of people get hung up on wearing one specific type of tie. This couldn’t be further from the truth for Cary Grant, who happens to have worn a variety of different types of ties over the years. When he was just throwing on a nice suit jacket, Grant would go with a rich, bold solid-colored tie; patterns weren’t generally for him. The neckties worn by Grant tended to be relatively wide, without being anywhere near what might be considered “over the top.” It was when Grant would don a tuxedo that his appearance would truly come to life, however, in which case a moderately-large black bow tie was always his neckwear of choice. If anyone is known for understanding Black Tie Dress Code, it would be Cary Grant (along with James Bond maybe). Finally, Grant was known to wear an ascot in more casual scenarios, rounding him out as being one of the most versatile tie wearers in the history of pop culture.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
One thing that modern men can learn from how Grant wore ties is that it’s important to find your style without getting into a rut. For example, some people choose to only wear neckties or bow ties, while Grant was able to pull both styles off without a hitch. Modern men can also learn from the way Grant approached wearing suits; a neat fit was everything, and there was simply no room for suits that were boxy in appearance.

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2nd Most Famous Tie Wearer: James Bond

James Bond is the 2nd Most Famous Tie Wearer of All Time

james-bond-fashionSome characters are created for the sole purpose of being timeless, yet simply fade away within a few years. After all, the public tends to crave “newness,” which causes certain characters to simply fall through the cracks. That being said, there are some film and television characters that become instantly classic, and are destined to withstand the test of time; James Bond fits nicely into this category. The British secret agent has been portrayed by a number of excellent actors over the years, yet his overall style has remained the same since the character first made it into the public eye. Sleek and sophisticated, James Bond’s look is truly the embodiment of British style and class, and is a huge part of what has made the character so popular and timeless. His bow tie is certainly a big part of his look, along with the following elements of what makes James Bond who he is. All this convinced me to put Mr Bond on the #2 spot of my “Most Famous Tie Wearer” list.

The Tuxedo
Being the subject of over 20 films, it should come as no surprise that James Bond has donned a great deal of different outfits over the years. This being said, the character is most famous for his approach to wearing a tuxedo – aka Black Tie Attire. The tux is an incredibly important part of Bond’s look, and has a huge impact on how he appears on screen. Bond’s tux has gone through a few changes over the years, with buttons/cuff links added/removed, but the general look and feel has remained the same. The character prefers tuxedos that feature wide lapels, often pairing them with stark white pleated dress shirts. The classic tuxedo is an ensemble that every man can benefit from experimenting with, and Bond would never have gotten his “look” without it.

The Bow Tie
The bow tie is a huge part of James Bond’s look, and he simply wouldn’t be the same character without it. Bond’s bow tie is about as classic as it gets, characterized by its midnight black color and very “present” appearance in his ensembles. It’s interesting to note that the character’s bow ties have changed in size and appearance over the years to a rather dramatic extent. Sean Connery, for example, wore a relatively small, thin bow tie (aka Batwing bowtie), while Roger Moore’s bow tie was oversized (aka Butterfly bow tie) to the point of being perhaps a bit too big for the ensembles he wore them with. Today’s James Bond sports a modern, more moderately-sized bow tie that perfectly fits in with his tuxedos, resulting in a look that can only be described as classy. Whatever the style was, James Bond never wore a tacky clip-on bow tie, but instead tied his own bow tie. For instructions, please view by Bow Tie Knot page.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
There is quite a bit for the modern man to take away from how James Bond approaches fashion. Perhaps most important is to realize that the importance of looking good should not be underestimated, and that wearing a tuxedo from time to time can do a great deal for one’s overall appearance. Indeed, Bond wears the tuxedo with such confidence and class that it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that he sleeps in it. Stick to a modern-cut tuxedo, avoiding bow ties that might be considered to be either too small or too large. Ideally you choose a bow tie that is proportionate to your body type, and, possibly even more important, proportionate to your jacket’s lapels. For best results, you should strive to work with a tailor who can help you to find the look that is right for you, as choosing formalwear often be rather tricky.

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The Most Famous Tie Wearer: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is the Most Famous Bow Tie Wearer of the Past Century

Winston-Churchill-Bow-TieThere are a great deal of individuals who are famous for their approach to wearing ties throughout history. Some of the world’s most famous history-makers were quite partial to the tie, proving to generation after generation that the importance of looking one’s best should never be underestimated. One of the most important tie wearers of all time was British prime minister Winston Churchill. Churchill was a huge advocate of the bow tie, and his penchant for wearing the style helped to propel it into the public eye. The following is a look at Winston Churchill’s style, and how he utilized the bow tie to take his appearance to the next level.

The Style of the Era
The climate of World War II had a huge impact on the style that was commonplace during the era in which Winston Churchill was omnipresent in the public eye. With rationing being an overbearing side effect of the war, many people simply didn’t have the time or money to devote to fashion and style. Nevertheless, public figures such as Churchill did all they could to look their best, if only to prove to the public that they were the right men to serve as leaders. Churchill embodied sophistication during this time period, and rarely made public appearances wearing anything but his best pieces. His John Bull hat became a huge part of his look, often paired with the finest full suits that money could buy at the time (tailor-made by Turnbell & Asser). It should come as no surprise that he was an advocate of the bow tie given his penchant for focusing on the way he dressed.

Churchill’s Bow Tie
To put it simply, the bow tie was the element of Churchill’s ensembles that truly brought cohesion to his look. More often than not, he was seen wearing a navy blue bow tie that featured white polka dots, which created a great deal of contrast in the outfits he wore. This bow tie became so popular that it was eventually mass-marketed as the Blenheim, a style that Churchill is thought to have directly inspired. Churchill occasionally incorporated a white pocket square into his ensembles, which accented his bow ties even more thoroughly and lightened up his darker suits. Paired with the right hat and a cigar in-hand, the leader couldn’t have looked more sophisticated if he’d tried.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
Perhaps the most important thing that modern men can learn from how Churchill wore bow ties is the confidence he exhibited in doing so. A lot of men who aren’t used to wearing bow ties feel as if the style may be difficult to pull off, but it doesn’t have to be when approached properly. Start with a subtle patterns like pine polka dots or checks, which will help to ease you into wearing them and make doing so feel more comfortable. The Blenheim remains an attractive style of bow tie, however, and incorporating it into casual as well as formal ensemble can be a great way to add a touch of Winston Churchill’s style to your own look. On a final note, stick to self-tied bow ties as the pre-tied ones usually have a somewhat tacky rep in the eye of the bow tie aficionado. For more information, please check out my tutorial on How to Tie a Bow Tie.

Besides Churchill’s signature bow tie, I suggest you take notice of the suit pattern’s Churchill often wore. Two of these suit patterns are windowpane check, as well as a so-called Harris Tweed – both thicker fabrics that are perfect for the Fall and Winter season. I suggest you stroll through some thrift shops and look for these styles. I recently came across a nice Vintage Harris Tweed sports coat at a local antique fair for just $30. I send another $20 on alterations and now have a piece that looks better than a $500 jacket you would find at a Brooks Brothers.

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The 10 Most Famous Tie Wearers of All Time

10 Celebrity Tie Aficionados of the 20th Century

As a tie aficionado I was curious who in the celebrity world shares the same passion for wearing ties. While some of these names below instantly come to mind when thinking about famous tie wearers, others might come a bit as a surprise. After looking through hundreds of pictures and movie clips I created this TOP 10 list of the most famous tie wearers of the past century. Besides taking a closer look at each celebrities favorite tie choices, I am giving you advice on which bits and pieces of each celebrity’s style are worth incorporating into your own wardrobe.

Winston-Churchill-Bow-Tie#1: Winston Churchill
Mr Churchill is not only famous for being one of the greatest wartime leaders of all time, but he is also known for being a man that paid great attention to the way he dressed. From Turnbell & Asser’s perfectly tailored double breasted suits, the recognizable John Bull top hat, or his meticulously tied navy & white polka dotted bow ties, Churchill was a man that knew how to dress in elegant fashion. Read more here…

james-bond-fashion#2: James Bond
Although James Bond is a fictional character, this list would not be complete without this British secret agent. His approach to elegant dress, and his perfect understanding of the Black Tie Dress Code was convincing enough to put Mr Bond near the top of this list. James Bond’s tie choices fall into the classic, elegant, & timeless category. From perfectly self-tied black bow ties to sophisticated striped Regimental ties – he knew how to wear ties like few others. More on James Bond’s Tie Choices…

neckties-beau-brummel#3: Beau Brummel
No men’s fashion top10 list is complete without the founder of the modern suit, Mr Beau Brummel. Typical for the time era he lived in Brummel mostly wore ruffled ascots, although he is also often accredited with the invention of the modern cut tie (although opinions vary here). To read more about Brummel’s style, and why he deserves to be on my Top 10 list, please click here…

duke-of-windsor-neckties#4: The Duke of Windsor
It should go without saying that the inventor of the Windsor knot (one of the most popular necktie knots in the world) must be on this list. While the Duke’s perfectly fitted double Breasted suits, his elegant approach to formal White Tie Attire, and his skill in matching multiple patterns into one ensemble are definitely worth the nomination alone, it was his perfectly dimpled tied neckties that convinced me to add him on my Top 10 list. For more, click here…

jennifer-aniston-nude-necktie#5: Jennifer Aniston
Even though it has already been over 3 years since Jennifer Aniston posed with only wearing a striped necktie on the cover of GQ magazine, it is still something that comes to mind when thinking about celebrity tie wearers. The fame of this red, white, and blue striped tie grew even stronger after Aniston gave this exact tie to David Letterman while appearing on his show. More on Jennifer Aniston’s Necktie…

Cary-Grant-Fashion-Inspiration#6: Cary Grant
This style icon of the past century, without doubt, deserves a spot on this top10 list for many more reasons than his classic black tie look. Grant loved to wear ties and looking through dozens of pictures and movie clips it became apparent that he knows how to wear them all: bow ties, neckties, and even ascots. Read more here…

pee-wee-herman-bow-tie#7: Pee-Wee Herman
Pee-Wee Herman, played by Paul Reubens, is probably the most famous red bow tie wearer of all time. This comedian made the gray plaid suit and red bow tie look his signature outfit. Unique to his look was the narrow spread bow tie (aka Batwing bow tie). Although this outfit was part of a costume, he did not fall for the tacky pre-tied bow tie trap, but instead took the time and effort to tie his own. For more information please click here…

blues-brothers-skinny-ties#8: The Blues Brothers
This 1980s comedic duo, played by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, brought the skinny black tie back into the wardrobes of modern men, something reason enough to have the Blues Brothers on my Top 10 list. Fore more information on the Blues Brother’s style, please click here…

fred-astaire-fashion#9: Fred Astaire
This Omaha born Broadway star was not only famous for his 70+ years in the entertainment business. His approach to elegant style, perfectly tailored clothing, and wide range of wardrobe choices convinced me to add him to this Top 10 list. In terms of ties, Astaire has worn them all: striped ties, classic white pique bow ties, skinny ties, and even ascots. More on Fred Astaire’s Tie Choices…

donald-trump-pink-tie#10: Donald Trump
If anyone is known for wearing a solid bright pink tie, then it is Mr Donald Trump. While his look may be described as flashy, it is anything but tacky or “un-elegant”. This, in addition to having created his own “Trump” neck-wear line, convinced me to make Mr Trump, although he is at the bottom, part of this list. To read more on his tie choices and what take-aways you can add to your own wardrobe, please click here…

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Tie Fabrics

Guide to Necktie Fabrics

Have you ever gone tie shopping and looked at the labels sown into the back of the tie telling you what the tie is made of? If you think that all neckties are made from silk, then take a look at the ties in your own wardrobe. I bet you will be surprised what type of fabric blends you will find. Below I put together a list of the most common fabrics used for making a men’s tie. Instead of just listing dozens of different fabrics, I decided to group them into five categories.

“Seasonless” Fabrics
By “seasonless” I mean all the classic fabrics that can be worn in any of the four seasons of the year. The first fabric that comes to mind here is silk. Silk is a natural fiber that dates back to the 27th century BC in China. Amazingly, during the 5,000+ years that silk has been used, not much has changed in its production. Silk is made from the cocoons of silk worms (first picture above) that are farmed (mostly in China) in the millions. On average each silk worm (2nd picture) produces 1,500 – 3,000 feet of fine, raw silk. To get a single pound of raw silk over 2,000 worms have to get to work – this translates to about 150 per necktie. Now, if you are an animal lover then you may want to think twice about buying a silk tie since all these 150 worms are killed during the silk production.

polyester-necktie-fabric-yarnsCheap Synthetics & Silk Imitations
If the above paragraph got you thinking about buying ties made from something other than silk, then the following fabrics might be good alternatives. Advances in synthetic fibers now offer many man-made, “vegan friendly” fabrics that come very close in look and feel to genuine silk. In fact, they often offer additional advantages: they are cheaper, they take on dyes more easily (meaning they are available in more colors), usually don’t wrinkle as easily, and are a bit more stain resistant. The two most common synthetics used on neckties are polyester and microfiber. Polyester is cheaper in price, but also in look. A better choice is microfiber. A quality microfiber tie will look almost identical to silk, but will cost less than half the price.

linen-tieSummer Tie Fabrics
Just like there are summer fabrics for men’s suits, there are so-called “Summer Tie Fabrics”. The two most common summer specific tie fabrics are linen and cotton. These ties often come in light pastel colors and show typical summer patterns such as plaids, delicate stripes (such as seersucker), and playful polka dots. When matching these ties make sure to pair them with complementing summer suits and shirts. Suits made from linen and/or cotton in lighter colors are excellent for these summer-specific neckties. Also, these fabrics often add a more casual/leisure look to the tie – something to keep in mind when dressing for a conservative office setting.

worsted-wool-winter-necktieWinter Fabrics
While linen and cotton are classic summer tie fabrics, wool and other “warmer” weaves are common choices among winter ties. Worsted wools (pictured is a worsted wool tie by designer BlackBird), tweed, cashmere, and different wool blends are common choices. My tip: Add a few of these “winter ties” to your wardrobe. Look for ties that are slightly narrower in width (2.5 – 3 inches) which will be a nice, elegant contrast to the somewhat rugged look of the coarse fabric.

Trendy & Unconventional Tie Materials
During the early 80s skinny ties made from leather came into fashion – something that (fortunately so) did not last long. Today leather is typically only found on bolo ties (aka Western ties). Last but not least, I have seen neckties made from bamboo – a fabric that actually looks and feels much like cotton, but is apparently more eco-friendly and sustainable.

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A Game Poking Fun at Casual America

The Dapper Dude VS Casual America

Yesterday the folks over at e-mailed me about a game they created titled “The Dapper Dude & His Fight Against Casual America”. Curious about this, apparently “addicting”, flash game I stopped by the site and started playing. An hour later I finally said “good enough”, and posted my score of 17,395 which landed me the 7th overall highest score. I don’t expect to be in the TOP10 for long since this game apparently just went live earlier this week. But for now I am bragging about being in the TOP10. CLICK HERE to play this game.

DapperDude-GameThe premise of this PACMAN-like game is the fight of formal/dapper against casual/sloppy. As a tie aficionado, and someone that cares about fashion and style, I love this concept. The character Dapper Dude wears a top hat and a stylish bow tie. It is his mission to collect all the black bow ties and to beat the sandals (casual America). The game is simple, entertaining, and unfortunately also somewhat addicting. =)

Weekly Highest Score Wins $100
This week’s current high score of 31,870 is quite a reach for someone that has never played a PAC-MAN like game before, but my guess is that sooner or later some PACMAN pro will find his/her way over to the “Dapper Dude’ game and post a 6-digit score. Good news is that will be giving out $100 in store credit for each week’s top score.

How to Win?
The answer is simple: Score lots of points and be the #1 for the week. From my one hour playing time I figured out a few things that will help you rack up a respectable score after only a few tries. The most points are given out if you eat the sandals after collecting one of the four dots. The first sandal gets you 200 points, the second 400, the third, 800, and the fourth, 1600. So in theory you can score 12,000 points on the first level from eating sandals alone. Also, should you be able to eat all four sandals twice in a row, you will receive another life as a bonus. As a final tip: Watch out for the sandals that come out of the “safe zone” which will be lethal to Dapper Dude. Give it a try. I bet you will be hooked.



Match Your Tie Color to Your Personality

Tie Color Psychology: Match Your Tie Color to Your Personality

That colors can evoke certain feelings and emotions is nothing new. Psychologists have been talking about the “psychology of colors” for decades now. Companies for instance are using specific colors to emphasize a certain brand image that they want to portray. Take the household cleaning company 7th Generation for instance. Their logo is green to underline their stance on environmental sustainability. Just like companies are using colors to evoke certain emotions and responses in their customers, so can a man by picking certain clothing colors. While suits and shirts typically don’t leave much room for color, it is the necktie that is the perfect accessory to take advantage of “the power of color”. Below are six common tie colors. Choose the color that suits the occasion and your personality.

Red Ties

red-tieThe bright red necktie is commonly referred to as the “power tie”. Red is an attention grabbing color that is commonly associated with passion, power, love, and authority. Because it is such a “loud” and attention grabbing color, I suggest you use it carefully on your selection of neckties. Unless you are looking for a bold look that makes you center of attention, stay away from bright red neckties. Red ties look nice with navy, gray, and charcoal suits. If you are looking for a bright and lively tie color, but don’t want the bold look of the bright red tie, then your best bet are red shades that contain a larger potion of brown – which brings me to the next tie color: “Burgundy”

Burgundy Ties

burgundy-tieTies in burgundy and other dark reds (cherry, maroon, crimson, etc.) are popular in the world of neckties. They are timelessly elegant and suit any season. Burgundy is a color that pairs the power of red with the maturity of brown – thus making an excellent choice for business. There is a reason why cherry and burgundy red ties are popular in politics!

Navy Ties

blue-tieBlue is men’s favorite color. It connotes a calm and soothing nature, elegance, and maturity. It is not surprising that the navy blue necktie is the most commonly sold tie color. It is timelessly elegant and can be worn in spring as well as winter. My tip: Pair the blue tie with a contrasting suit and shirt to create a more interesting look. A solid navy blue tie would look great when paired with classic white shirt and a light gray pin-striped suit.

Light Blue Ties

light-blue-tieLight blue ties are most popular in the spring and summer month. It is, compared to navy, a much more playful color that evokes youthfulness and liveliness. My tip: pair the light blue necktie with your charcoal gray suit – a perfect business look for the spring and summer months.

Pink Ties

pink-tiePink is a color that pairs the passion of red with the purity of white. It is therefore often called the “romantic color”. In the world of neckties, pink is commonly spotted on designers’ spring and summer collections. My tip: wear a solid pink tie in combination with a light rose colored dress shirt, navy pin-striped suit, and light rose colored pocket square – the perfect look for a date at a fancy restaurant. I guarantee that she will be impressed! For more information you may also want to read my recent blog post titled: Matching the Pink Tie

Orange Ties

orange-tieOrange is sometimes called the “happy color”. Depending on the shade of orange, it can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. For the spring, brighter and pastel orange ties are popular. Check out Hermes’ collection of pastel and peach colored neckties out of this year’s collection for instance. While lighter shades of orange are great for the spring and summer, darker orange (burnt orange and persimmon) are excellent fall colors. They remind me of turning Autumn leaves!

Yellow Ties

yellow-tieYellow is a cheerful color that is typically only seen in tie designer’s spring and summer collections. It is not a popular color for business since it can be perceived as “too playful”. My tip: Wear a bright lemon yellow tie for the next summer wedding you are invited to! Yellow ties look excellent in combination with navy and/or beige colored suits.

Black Ties

black-tieThat black is a formal color shouldn’t be news to anyone. For a reason we speak of Black Tie dress code. Black ties are common for formal evening functions when paired with white shirts, black or charcoal suits, and black dress shoes. Looking to wear the black necktie in a more casual setting? Then my tip: Wear a solid black skinny tie (tied with a loose Four in Hand knot), a white dress shirt with top button left undone, a pair of designer jeans, a trendy tweed sports coat, and a pair of sporty loafers or so-called “driving shoes”. For more information please also check out my: Tips for Skinny Ties

White Ties

white-tieWhite is a “pure” color. While common on a man’s dress shirt, it is typically only used as an accent color on the necktie (in form of white stripes, checks, polka dots, etc). Solid white ties are rare in business but are great for a casual/trendy look. My tip: Wear a solid white skinny tie with a black dress shirt, washed designer jeans, and a knitted cardigan sweater.

Green Ties

green-tieGreen is a color that is commonly associated with nature and the environment. When thinking about wearing green ties you will have plenty of choices. Especially the spring and summer months are great for showcasing a light lime-green necktie paired with a summer suit in blue, light gray, and/or tan – another great ensemble for your next summer wedding invitation.

Brown Ties

brown-tieBrown is commonly referred to as “the mature color”. If you are looking to portray a mature and established personality, then the brown necktie is right for you. Brown ties are especially popular in the fall season. My tip: stay away from a suit, shirt, and tie combination that pairs too many “earthy colors” – it will make you look like a park ranger. Instead pair the brown tie with a navy suit, off-white dress shirt, and dark brown dress shoes.

Purple Ties

purple-tiePurple is often times referred to as “the royal color”. Purple is a shade that is commonly associated with nobility but also with religion. Depending on the shade, purple ties can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. For the spring light purples (such as lavender and iris) are excellent especially when paired with tan or light gray summer suits. For the fall season darker purples (such as plum and eggplant) are great choices for the man seeking to add some interesting color to his business uniform.

I hope you found my tie color guide helpful!

Tie Aficionado & Founder

3 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Tie

Three Tips for Choosing a Perfect Necktie

tips-choosing-necktiesMen’s ties come in any imaginable color, design, fabric, and even cut. Because there are so many choices I noticed that even those who have been wearing ties for many years often find it difficult to make a decision when browsing tie racks. This is often a result of simply not knowing what to look for in a tie other than your personal likes and dislikes. While personal preference is of course important, there is quite a bit more that goes into choosing the right tie. So long as you have a solid idea as of what to look for when shopping for a tie, however, you’ll have a much higher chance of being confident about the order that you place. The following are three essential tips for choosing the perfect necktie, none of which should be overlooked.

Proportion (Length/Width)
The first, and perhaps most important thing you should consider when choosing a necktie is proportion; that is, the length and width of the tie, and how they relate to a person’s size/build. As a general rule, the right tie is one which is directly proportionate to the size of the individual who wears it. Men who fit into the “big and tall” category, for example, require a tie that is a little bit longer. For that reason many retailers carry Extra Long Ties. Not sure if you need an XL tie? Then have a look at my Tie Length Calculator

Next, let’s talk a little bit about tie width. Bigger men typically look best with regular width ties (3.25 to 3.75 inches) while shorter and/or thin men can add a trendy touch by wearing skinny ties (2 – 2.75 inches). Besides your built, the type of jacket you wear needs to complement your tie. As a good rule of thumb: The narrower a tie the narrower the lapels of the jacket should be. For more information please also have a look at my post from a few weeks back titled “Style Tips for Skinny Ties“.

Finally, let’s talk about tying your tie in the right proportion. First, the tie should be tied to end near the center of your belt buckle. Second, the size of the tie knot should fill the gap between your collar – making larger tie knots (such as the Windsor) more suited for spread (aka cutaway) collars.

A lot of men seek to determine which color is perfect for them early on after becoming interested in wearing neckties. In such a case, it’s important to realize that there’s truly no such thing as a “one size fits all” color, as each ensemble and situation dictates the need for certain color palettes. For example, black tie events call for just that (black bow tie), with other tie colors being off limits. Semi-formal “suit and tie” scenarios, on the other hand, offer up a great deal of other possibilities. As far as the most popular colors for this scenario go, deep blues and reds find themselves towards the top of the list. These colors tend to connote professionalism and confidence, and are ideal for those who are trying to sway a crowd in their direction. If you’re looking to take a casual approach to wearing a tie, you can experiment with practically any color to see whether or not it is a good fit for your outfit. That said, strive to choose ties based upon seasonality; pastels and light colors in the spring/summer, rich earth tones in the fall/winter.

Once you have a thorough understanding of which colors to choose and when, you should move onto choosing the right pattern for your tie. There are a variety of different schools of thought regarding how to properly pair a patterned tie with an ensemble, but perhaps the most important thing to understand is that the pattern of your tie should not otherwise be present in the rest of your outfit (otherwise, clashing will almost always occur). For example, a striped shirt will look great with a dotted tie, yet not with a striped tie. Stick to semi-patterned ties at first, which are far easier to pair than those with loud patterns; thin/wide stripes, dots and checks are all excellent options. Of course, the simplest pattern of all is that of the solid-colored tie, which also happens to be the most versatile. if you feel as if a pattern you’re considering might be too “loud,” it likely is, and you’ll do best by just moving on.

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Tips to Tie a Skinny Tie

Tips to Tying a Skinny Tie

That skinny neckties are hip is nothing new. During the recent Golden Globes for instance celebrities such as Glee’s Chris Colfer, Jeremy Irvine, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Ewan McGregor all dressed in elegant skinny black ties ranging from ultra skinny 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches in width (compared to a normal tie’s width of 3.25-3.75 inches). Before you pick out a skinny necktie and wear it to work make sure you pair it with a slim fitted suit that has proportionate narrow lapels. Also, best are dress shirts with a shallower collar. In addition to matching the skinny tie to the right jacket, pants, and shirt, there are certain tie knots that look better for narrow width ties. Excellent are asymmetric tie knots that are slightly loosely tied. The best tie knot for skinny ties is the Four in Hand. Below is a video I found on Youtube that will teach you all the tips and tricks for tying the skinny tie with a Four in Hand. I hope you find this video as useful as I did. For more information please also read my article on “Style Tips for Skinny Ties“.

Video Instructions on Tying a Skinny Tie:

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