Day 48: Christmas Tree Fold

christmas tree pocket square fold
If you like the Diamond Fold, then you will certainly like this so-called Christmas tree fold. Although I very much like this fold, I usually reserve it for the Holiday season. To fully embrace the season, I usually use a bright red (as shown) or hunter green pocket square. Here is how you create this fold:

Christmas Tree Fold Step-by-Step:

christmas tree foldLay the pocket square down flat.

christmas tree pocket squareFold in half to create a rectangle.

christmas tree pocket square foldFold over again to create a square.

how to christmas tree pocket square foldTake the corner with all the open tips and start folding up each leaf. With each fold, end about 1/4 inch below the previous fold.

christmas tree hanky foldTurn the pocket square over.

xmas tree pocket square foldFold one corner up.

xmas tree pocket square fold how toDo the same with the opposite side.

xmas tree pocket square folding tipsTurn the pocket square 180 degrees. it should start looking a bit like a Christmas tree.

how to fold a pocket square into a christmas treeStarting from the top, fold back each of the leaves.

how to fold a mens hanky into a christmas treeAt last, neatly place the tree into your breast pocket.

Day 47: Bishop’s Hat Fold

bishops hat fold
The Bishops Hat is the only fold that spreads the pocket square above, below, and to all sides of your breast pocket. Because of the size and the spread, it is quite a loud fold. It is suitable for any pocket square style, although I suggest a bright and loud pocket square to compliment the eccentric nature of this unusual fold. Here are the 11 steps to create this fold:

Bishop’s Hat Fold Step-by-Step:

bishops hat foldLay the pocket square down flat.

bishops hat fold pocket squareFold it into a triangle.

how to fold a bishops hatFold up the outer corners to meet the top of the triangle. This creates a square.

how to fold a bishops hat pocket squareNow fold in a portion of the lower corner.

bishops hat hanky foldFold down the tip of the inner triangle.

bishops hat hanky fold how toTurn the pocket square over.

bishop hat pocket square foldFold in one of the sides.

hanky fold into a bishops hatFold in the other side and tug the corner in to keep the fold secure.

how to hanky fold into a bishops hatTurn the pocket square over again.

how to fold a pocket square into a bishops hatFold down the outer tips.

bishops hat mens pocket squareAt last, tug into your breast pocket and style to suit your liking.

Day 46: Rolled Rose Fold

rolled rose pocket square fold
Flowers have always been an inspiration for pocket square folds. As part of our 50 pocket square folds series, we have seen folds such as the simple rose fold, the double rose, the pistil flower, and many more. More often than not it is the pocket square that replaces the boutonniere and/or lapel flower for formal dress codes. Here are instructions on one of my favorite floral inspired folds, the rolled rose:

Rolled Rose Fold Step-by-Step:

rolled roseLay the pocket square down flat.

rolled rose foldNow told it into a triangle.

rolled rose pocket squareRoll up from the long side of the triangle but leave about 2 inches of the top.

rolled rose pocket square foldNow start rolling from one of the sides.

how to create a rolled rose pocket square foldRoll up but leave about 2 inches of one side.

pocket square folds the rolled roseTake this left over piece and tug it into one of the wrappings. This secures the roll.

how to pocket square folds the rolled rosePull down the upper portion to create the two leaves of the rose. There should be two pieces that are pulled down next to the actual rose blossom.

style your pocket square with rolled rose foldTurn the pocket square around.

rolled rose pocket square stylingPlace into your breast pocket and style to your liking.