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Day 46: Rolled Rose Fold

rolled rose pocket square fold
Flowers have always been an inspiration for pocket square folds. As part of our 50 pocket square folds series, we have seen folds such as the simple rose fold, the double rose, the pistil flower, and many more. More often than not it is the pocket square that replaces the boutonniere and/or lapel flower for formal dress codes. Here are instructions on one of my favorite floral inspired folds, the rolled rose:

Rolled Rose Fold Step-by-Step:

rolled roseLay the pocket square down flat.

rolled rose foldNow told it into a triangle.

rolled rose pocket squareRoll up from the long side of the triangle but leave about 2 inches of the top.

rolled rose pocket square foldNow start rolling from one of the sides.

how to create a rolled rose pocket square foldRoll up but leave about 2 inches of one side.

pocket square folds the rolled roseTake this left over piece and tug it into one of the wrappings. This secures the roll.

how to pocket square folds the rolled rosePull down the upper portion to create the two leaves of the rose. There should be two pieces that are pulled down next to the actual rose blossom.

style your pocket square with rolled rose foldTurn the pocket square around.

rolled rose pocket square stylingPlace into your breast pocket and style to your liking.

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