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Day 39: Pistil Flower Fold


Pistil Flower Fold Step-by-Step:

pistilLay both pocket squares down flat.

pistil flowerFold the pocket square that creates the outer parts of the flower into a triangle. The center pocket square is folded into a rectangle.

pistil flower foldFold the rectangle again to create the square. Also fold the triangle again in half to create a smaller triangle.

pistil flower folding pocket squareRoll up the square so that the center is visible at the top.

pistil hanky foldWhen rolled up all the way take a rubber band.

pistil hanky fold how to…and put the rubber band tightly around the bottom part of the roll.

pistil hanky fold how to guidePlace the roll into the center of the triangle. About 1-2 inches should stick out.

pocket square folds pistil flowerFold back one of the corner.

pistil hanky fold how toNow also fold back the other corner.

hanky fold pistil flowerFold up the bottom tip. Fold up high enough so that the tip is visible.

floral pocket square foldAt last place the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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