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Day 25: The Spiral Stairs Fold

Spiral Stairs Pocket Square Fold How To

If you already like “The Wave” as well as the “3-Stairs fold“, then I am convinced the that spiral staircase will become a new favorite for you. It looks great for softer pocket squares made from silk. Here is how you create the Spiral Stairs fold:

Spiral Staircase Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Spiral stairsLay the pocket square down flat.

Spiral stairs pocket squareFold in half to create a triangle.

the Spiral stairs pocket square foldFold one triangle down about 1 inch above the edge.

Spiral stairs pocket square foldFold back up to create a pleat.

Pocket square fold spiral staircaseRepeat step 3 and 4 to create a 2nd pleat.

Spiral staircase fold for pocket squaresNow lay your pocket square down flat and fold in half.

Spiral staircase foldNow create the spiral staircase by bending one side into a half circle. Bend to the left and down to create the staircase-like effect.

Spiral Stairs pocket square fold how toAs a final step, tug the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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