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Day 11: The Wave Fold

WaveFold Pocket Squares

If you like yesterday’s featured “3-Stairs Fold” then I am convinced you are going to like the “wave Fold” as well. Because the “Wave Fold” has more volume than the “3-Stairs” it is better suited for patterned pocket squares creating a more vibrant, fun, and somewhat casual look. Here is how to create this fold:

1-Tip Up Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Wave FoldAs with all pocket square folds, lay the pocket square down flat.

Wave Fold Pocket SquaresFold one corner down to create an even triangle.

Wave Fold for Pocket SquaresFold one side in so that it ends just below the other side.

Pocket Square Wave FoldFold in again. Now 3 corners should be showing.

Pocket Square Wave Turn the pocket square so the long side of the triangle faces towards you. Then fold the closed side up.

Wave6Turn the pocket square over and have the tip face towards you. Then fold the side that has the corners shown down.

Wave Hanky FoldFold it in half again so that the “waves” become visible.

Wave Handkerchief FoldLast, place the folded pocket square into your breast pocket.

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