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Day 10: Three Stairs Pocket Square Fold

One of my favorite folds is the so-called “3-Stairs Fold”. I usually choose it when dressing up for black tie or black tie optional events. While great for any pocket square pattern, I prefer those solid in color made from silk. Here is how to create the fold:

Three Stairs Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

3Stairs Pocket SquareLay the pocket square down flat. Make sure it is free of wrinkles.

3Stairs FoldFold in half to create a triangle.

3stairs Pocket Square FoldingCreate accordion like pleats by folding a portion of the triangle up, then back down. Make sure the folds stay in place by pressing down with the palm of your hand.

3Stairs HankyContinue to create pleats. Make sure that about 1/2 inch shows from the pleat below.

3Stairs Folding TechniqueAnd create yet another pleat.

Three Stairs FoldNow fold to create the 3rd and final pleat.

Three Stairs Pocket Square FoldFold the trinangle in half at the center.

Three Stairs Pocket Square FoldingNow fold one side over.

Three Stairs Pocket Hanky  FoldingDo the same with the opposite side.

Three STairs FoldAt last tug the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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