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Day 44: 3 Petals Fold

3 Petals pocket square fold
If you are already a fan of the Fleur de Lis Fold as well as the Rabbit Fold, then you will most certainly like this one here. It is a fantastic fold for slightly larger squares made from silk. I prefer to wear this fold with solid colored hankies although any patterned one would certainly work well. Here is how you create this fold:

3 Petals Fold Step-by-Step:

Three Petals FoldStart by laying your pocket square down flat.

three petals foldNext, pinch two sides to create the first petal at the center.

three petals pocket squareNow pinch another side to create the second petal.

three petals pocket square foldAnd once again, pinch a third side to create the third and final petal.

how to three petals pocket square foldAt last, place the pocket square into your breast pocket with the three petals sticking out evenly.

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