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Day 33: The Fleur De Lis Fold

Pocket Square Fleur De Lis
The so-called Fleur de Lis fold is one of the latest folds I discovered. I enjoy wearing it the most with thin silk pockets squares in bright colors and bold patterns. I tend to wear this fold less often with a suit, and more often with casual sports coats. Here is how you create this fun fold:

Fleur De Lis Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Fleur de LisLay the pocket square down flat.

Fleur de Lis FoldFold in half to create a triangle.

Fleur de Lis Pocket Square FoldFold one tip up just above the base of the triangle.

Fleur de Lis Pocket Square Fold How toNext, turn the pocket square over and fold up the other tip so it lays exactly over the below lying tip.

How to Fold a Pocket Square with the Fleur de LisCreate a pleated fold from one side. Create 3 pleats.

Hanky Fleur de LisNow do the same on the opposite side.

Hanky Fleur de Lis FoldFold the pocket square in half along the center line.

Handkerchief Folds Fleur de LisTake a rubber band and tightly tie it around the base of the pocket square.

Handkerchief Folds Fleur de Lis How toNow spread apart the tips of the lily.

Fleur de Lis Folds for Pocket SquaresAt last, place the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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