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Day 43: Rabbit Fold

rabbit ears pocket square fold
As the name already suggests, the rabbit fold, looks like you have the bunny rabbit hidden in your breast pocket. But, you don’t have to be a magician to wear this fun fold. It looks fantastic with solid and patterned squares alike. Should it be a bit too eccentric, then you may want to consider the Two Point Puff fold instead. Here are instructions on the rabbit fold.

Rabbit Fold Step-by-Step:

rabbit foldLay the pocket square down flat.

rabbit pocket squareFold in half to create a triangle.

rabbit pocket square foldFold down both corners to create a rectangle.

rabbit pocket square fold how toFold up the bottom corner to create a small triangle again.

rabbit hanky foldFold over one side to create an even smaller triangle.

rabbit mens pocket square foldNow pull out the two inner corners.

how to rabbit mens pocket square foldOpen up the fold carefully.

rabbit hanky fold completeAt last place the pocket square into your breast pocket. Pull out the two ears more and make sure that some of the center is showing. That’s all.

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