Day 50: Double Rose Fold

double rose pocket square fold
To finish off my 50 Folds in 50 Days series, I decided to end with a more complicated fold. By now you should have plenty of practice and I am confident that you will master this unusual fold as well. Simply follow these 12 steps:

Double Rose Fold Step-by-Step:

double roseTake 2 pocket squares and lay them down flat.

double rose foldFold both into a triangle.

double rose pocket squareThe pocket square that will be the actual rose (blue one shown) is folded down with one leaf. For the outer pocket square (white one shown), fold up one of the tips so they extend past the edge of the triangle.

double rose pocket square foldFor the rose (blue pocket square), create a pleat fold. For the other pocket square fold in the opposite corner.

how to double rose pocket square foldContinue to finish the rose. Next, we pleat both parts of the triangle.

the double rose foldAnd, lets do another pleat.

how to create the the double rose foldTurn the pocket square over and upside down.

double rose pocket square foldsFold in one of the sides.

how to style your pocket square with double roseNow, fold in the other side. The rose is complete.

double rose hankyNeatly place the rose into the pocket of the other pocket square.

double rose hanky foldAdjust until just enough of the rose is visible.

double rose hanky fold how toAt last, place the completed fold into your breast pocket. That’s all!

Day 49: The Sail Fold

sail pocket square fold
A close relative to the Sailing Ship Fold is the Sail fold shown here. Because the “sails” point towards your lapels, they look best when paired with jackets that have smaller to medium width lapels. Here is how you create this fold:

Sail Fold Step-by-Step:

sail foldLay the pocket square down flat.

how to sail foldFold in half to create a rectangle.

how to fold a pocket square into a sailFold in half again to create a smaller square.

sail pocket square foldingFold down one side to create a small triangle.

sail fold for pocket squareFold up one of the leaves. Fold just below the long end of the triangle.

sail fold step 6Fold up the second leave. Leave it about 1/2 inch below the previous fold.

sail fold for hankyNow do the same with the third leaf.

sail folding for pocket squareAnd one last time with the fourth leaf.

how to create a sail pocket square foldFold in half at the center. The leaves or “sails” should be on the outside.

sail hanky foldAt last, tug the pocket square into your breast pocket.