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Day 45: Ship Fold

sailing ship pocket square fold
The ship fold shown here is a close relative to the Sail fold which will be featured later this week. It is a simple and neat fold that looks best with all your solid colored pocket squares. Here is how you create this elegant fold:

Sailing Ship Step-by-Step:

ship foldLay the pocket square down flat.

sailing ship foldFold in half to create a rectangle.

sailing ship fold pocket squareFold in half again to create a square.

how to sailing ship fold pocket squareFold up one corner to create a small triangle.

sailing ship pocket squareFold in one edge to the center line of the triangle.

sailing ship pocket square foldDo the same with the opposite edge. Now the pocket square looks pointy like an arrow.

how to sailing ship pocket square foldFold back the lower side to create a pointy triangle.

pocket square fold into sailing shipNow fold the triangle in half with the folds being on the outside.

how to pocket square fold into sailing shipOpen up the fold. It should look like the hull of a boat.

ship pocket hanky foldNow pull out each of teh inner 4 leaves

sailboat pocket square foldAt last, place the pocket square into your breast pocket and style to your liking.

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