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Day 6: Two Point Puff Pocket Square Fold


If the classic folds have been leaving you a bit bored, then this pocket square fold may just add the excitement to your suits and sports coats you have been looking for. A perfect blend of casual and eccentric, the so-called “2-Point Puff” will be just the right styling for your bright silk pocket squares. It is a fold best suited for slightly larger squares (at least 13″ x 13″) that are made from softer silk fabric. Here is how you create this fold:

2 Point Puff Pocket Square FoldLay the pocket square flat. Make sure it doesn’t have any wrinkles or creases.

2PointPuff FoldPinch the center and pick up the pocket square.

Two Point Puff FoldSlide the pocket square through your other hand to “puff” the center that is pinched by your fingers.

Two Point Puff Pocket SquarePush down the center to create a looser “puff”.

2 point puff pocket square foldingNow turn the pocket square upside down so that the corners are facing up.

Puff with two points foldPull out two of the outer tips so thy extend higher than the other corners.

2PointPuff completed foldLast, stuff the pocket square in your breast pocket. Finish styling it to make sure the tips face outwards from the puffed dome. That’s all.

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