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Day 12: The Puff Fold

Puff Pocket Square Casual Fold
A couple of days ago I featured a very similar fold called the “2 Point Puff“. The regular “Puff Fold” shown here is a bit tamer and a bit more subtle. It is a fantastic fold for all patterned silk pocket squares. It is my go to fold when wearing a sports coat or blazer without tie. Here is how to create this fold:

Puff Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Puff FoldLay the pocket square down flat.

Casual Puff FoldPinch the center of the pocket square with two fingers and pick it up.

Puff Pocket Square FoldingSlide the pocket square through your other hand so that the four ends hang down evenly.

Puff Hanky FoldNow fold up the four tips to reduce the height of the completed fold.

Casual Puff FoldLast, place the pocket square into your breast pocket and style to your liking. The more of the pocket square is visible, the bolder the statement.

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