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Day 3: Presidential Pocket Square Fold

Presidential Pocket Square Fold

Yesterday I featured a more exotic fold called the “Mountain Path” fold, and today I decided to feature one of the most classic and elegant ways to wear your pocket square. I am talking about the so-called “Presidential Fold” – a fold that made especially famous by JFK. It is sometimes also called “flat fold”. It is a perfect fold for solid colored pocket squares. It looks nice with classic suit as well as tux. It is my go to fold when wearing a solid pocket square. Above I am wearing a white linen pocket square with red bordering. Here is how to create this fold:

Presidential FoldLay your pocket squares flat. Make sure it is free of wrinkles.

Presidential Pocket Square FoldFold one side over at the center to create a long shaped rectangle.

Presidential Pocket SquareNow fold the long side over so that it ends about a 1/2″ short of the other side.

Presidential Flat Pocket Square FoldNow tug the pocket square into your breast pocket so that only a quarter to half inch are showing.

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