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Day 2: Mountain Path Pocket Square Fold

mountain path pocket square fold

This fold, called “Mountain Path” is a variation of the classic “One Corner Up” fold. It is perfect for solid as well as patterned pocket squares, and it can be worn with full tux as well as casual blazer. I prefer patterned pocket squares such as the 4-pattern pocket square shown above. Here is how to create this fold:

Mountain Path Fold Step-by-Step Instructions:

Mountain path foldStart by laying your pocket square on a flat surface.

Mountain pocket square foldFold one side over to create a triangle.

Mountain Path FoldFold it again at the center to create a smaller triangle.

Mountain FoldTurn the pocket square so that the longest side is facing towards you.

Fold a Pocket Square with Mountain PathNow fold the side with the open ends over.

Mountain Fold Pocket SquareTurn the pocket square over and fold in the other side so that the fold fits into your breast pocket.

Mountain PS FoldTurn it over again. The fold is complete.

Unique Pocket Square FoldAs a final step, tug the pocket squares into your breast pocket. That’s it!

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