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Day 32: The Mount Fuji Fold

MT Fuji Pocket Square Fold
Since we featured the “3-Peaks Fold” yesterday, I thought I stick to the Mountain theme by featuring the Mt. Fuji fold today. It looks similar to the One Tip Up Fold with the main difference of having a differently colored base at the bottom. It is another one of those folds that requires the use of two pocket squares. To get the most of this fold, I suggest two differently colored pocket squares. Usually I use a patterned pocket square for the tip, while I like to use a solid colored pocket square for the base. Here are the detailed instructions:

Mt. Fuji Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Mt FujiLay both pocket squares down flat.

Mt Fuji FoldFold the pocket square that creates the mountain into a triangle. The other pocket square gets folded in a narrow and long rectangle.

Mt Fuji Fold Pocket SquareFold down the wings of the triangle. The other pocket square gets another fold as well to create an even longer rectangle.

Mount Fuji Fold in the sides of the pocket square that creates the mountain.

Mount Fuji FoldPlace this pocket square on top of the long rectangle. Center it along the middle.

Mount Fuji Fold Pocket SquaresWrap the pocket square that creates the mountain with the other pocket square by folding in the sides.

Mount Fuji Pocket Square FoldsTurn the pocket square over so that all folds are hidden on the back side.

Mount Fuji Hanky FoldTug the pocket square into your breast pocket so that both pocket squares are visible.

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