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Day 31: The 3 Peaks Fold

3 Peaks Fold
The three peaks fold is another one of those unique folds that requires the use of 2 pocket squares. To get the most out of this fold, I suggest using 2 differently colored pocket squares. I prefer either two solid colors, or one patterned pocket square paired with a solid colored pocket square in complementing hues. Here is how you create this fold.

3-Peaks Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Three PeaksStart out with 2 pocket squares. Lay the both down on a flat surface.

Three Peaks FoldFold the first pocket square exactly in half. The other pocket square gets folded in thirds.

Three Peaks Fold How ToHere I a showing the white pocket square getting folded into a third of the original width.

Three Peaks Fold for Pocket SquaresFold the long rectangle in half.

Pocket Square three peaksNow place the white pocket square on top of the blue one. Place it about a third from one end.

Pocket Square three peaks foldWrap the white pocket square by folding in the longer end of the blue pocket square.

Pocket Square three peaks fold how toNow fold in both ends to make the pocket square equal in width of your breast pocket.

3 peaks foldAt last, place the pocket square in your breast pocket.

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