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Day 42: Double Winged Puff Fold

double winged puff pocket square fold
The double winded puff fold combines the overcoat fold with the winged puff. It requires the use of two pocket squares that are preferably similar in size. Here is how you create this unusual fold:

Double Winged Puff Fold Step-by-Step:

Double fold pocket squareLay noth pocket squares down flat.

double winged puffFold both in half to create two triangles.

double winged puff foldNow take the pocket square that you want in the center and fold down both tips of the triangle to create a rectangle.

double winged puff fold pocket squaresLay the rectangle on top of the triangle. The rectangle should be about 1 inch higher than the triangle below.

double winged pocket square foldFold down the wings of the triangle. This wraps the rectangle.

double fold for pocket squaresFold back the right and left corner of the square containing both pocket squares. This is done to adjust the size so that the fold fits into your breast pocket.

how to fold a double winged puff foldAt last, tug the completed fold into your breast pocket.

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