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Day 40: Overcoat Fold

overcoat coat pocket square fold
The “Overcoat” fold is a fun fold that takes advantage of using 2 pocket squares on a single fold. I usually prefer to use one solid and one patterned pocket square. Here is how you create the overcoat fold.

Overcoat Fold Step-by-Step:

overcoatLay both squares down flat.

overcoat pocket squareFold the pocket square you want in the center into a triangle. The pocket square that creates the overcoat is fold into a rectangle.

overcoat pocket square foldFold both wings from the triangle down to crete a square. As for the rectangle, fold again to create a longer shaped rectangle.

how to overcoat pocket square foldLay the square on top of the rectangle.

styling your pocket square overcoat foldFold the rectangle over the shoulders of the square.

overcoat hankyFold back the overcoat to secure the center square.

overcoat hanky foldPlace into your breast pocket and your are done!

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