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Day 4: Catta Lily Pocket Square Fold

Catta Lily Pocket Square Fold

Since yesterday featured one of the most classic pocket square folds, I decided something a bit more flashy and exotic for today’s fold. Today I am featuring the so-called Catty Lily, an eccentric fold that is perfect for stiffer pocket squares made from linen, cotton, or thicker woven silk. It looks best with bright solid colored pocket squares. Here is how to create the fold:

Catta Lily foldLay the pocket square flat.

Catta Lily FoldStart rolling from one corner. Roll until you rolled up about 2/3 of the pocket square.

Catta Lily Folding TechniqueHold the larger roll in place.

Catta Lily Pocket SquareNow roll the opposite side under.

Catta Lily FoldingRoll all way way until you connect with the larger tube.

complete Catta Lily pocket square foldLast, tug your Catta Lily folded pocket square into your breast pocket. That’s everything!

One thought on “Day 4: Catta Lily Pocket Square Fold”

  1. alfa matia says:

    thanks! this is splendid!

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