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Day 35: American Beauty

American Beauty pocket square fold
Similar to the Scallop Fold is the so-called “American Beauty” fold. While it may look somewhat similar to the Scallop fold, it is more rounded and resembles the look of a red rose. It is a fantastic formal fold for all solid pocket squares. I prefer this fold when wearing my dark suits in navy, charcoal, or black to a black-tie optional function. Because it requires multiple folds, it is best suited for larger pocket squares that are at least 13 inches squared in size. Here is how you create this fold:

American Beauty Fold Step-by-Step:

American BeautyLay the pocket square down flat.

American Beauty FoldFold in half to create a triangle.

American Beauty Fold Pocket SquareFold in half again to create a smaller triangle.

American Beauty Fold Pocket Square How toAnd fold in half for a third time to make the triangle even smaller.

Pocket Square Folds American BeautyNow fold down one of the wings.

Pocket Square Folds American Beauty How toFold down the opposite wing. The pocket square has a rectangular shape again.

American Beauty Hanky FoldAt last, place the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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