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Day 13: Four Leaves Fold

4 Leaves up pocket square fold
Quite similar to the “4-Point Crown” is the so-called “4 Leaves” fold. The main difference is that the 4-Leaves fold shown here is a bit more symmetrical and orderly. Both folds are great for patterned and solid pocket squares. Here is how you create the 4-leaves fold:

4Leaves Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Four Leaves FoldAs with all folds, lay the pocket square down flat.

Four Leaves Fold Pocket SquaresFold one corner in to create an even triangle.

Four Leaves Fold Pocket SquareFold one side over so that two corners are showing.

4 Leaves Fold Pocket SquareFold over again to create the 3rd “leaf”.

4 leaves foldThen fold in the corner opposite from the leaves. This create the 4th leaf.

4 Leaves Fold Hanky Turn the pocket square. The fold is complete.

handkerchief fold four leavesLast, place the folded pocket square in your breast pocket so that the leaves point out. Style to your liking.

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