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Day 5: Four Point Crown Pocket Square Fold

4PointCrown pocket square fold

The 4-point crown fold blends elegance with eccentric. It is a perfect fold for all solid colored pocket squares, especially those made from fine silk. It looks excellent when added to double breasted blazers, full suits, or even formal tuxedos. Here is how you create this fold:

4PointCrown foldLay the pocket square flat.

4PointCrown pocket square foldNow fold one corner up to create two overlapping triangles.

Four Point Crown FoldFold in one side to create the 3rd point that will be showing.

Four Point Crown Pocket Square FoldNext, fold over the opposite side. This creates the 4th point and the crown is complete.

Four Point Crown Pocket SquareThis is what the 4-point crown fold looks like when complete before tugging it into your breast pocket.

4PointCrown Folding Pocket SquaresLastly tug the pocket square into your breast pocket so that all 4 points are showing. That’s all!

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