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Day 17: The 3-Point Crown Fold

3PointCrown Pocket Square Fold

If the “4-Point Crown” is a bit too flashy for your taste, then the “3-Point Crown” fold shown here may be perfect. It is classic, timeless, and understated. It suits all solid colored pocket squares. I like this fold for a solid white pocket square when I am wearing my formal double breasted tuxedo. Here is how to create this fold:

3-Point Crown Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

3PointCrown Fold part 1Lay the hanky down flat.

Three Point CrownFold one corner up so that two tips are showing at the top.

Three Point Crown FoldNow fold the left side over to the right to create the tip, completing the crown.

3 Point Crown FoldFold in the left side to create the base that will be sitting inside your breast pocket.

3 Point Crown Pocket SquareLast, place the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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