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Day 8: The Teepee Fold

Teepee pocket square fold
Yes, it may look similar to the classic “One Tip Up Fold“, but there is a difference that any pocket square aficionado will spot immediately. First, the corners are much softer since the pocket square is turned upside down. Second, the added vertical folds add texture and a bit casualness. It’s a fantastic fold for any fabric and pattern. I prefer this fold with my solid white silk pocket squares worn with formal suit, or my favorite double breasted blazer. Here is how you create the “Teepee Fold”:

Teepee Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Teepee FoldLay your favorite pocket square on a flat surface.

Teepee Pocket SquareFold it in half along the center to create two overlapping rectangles.

TeepeeFold one side over so that two rectangles are showing on one side.

Teepee FoldsFold over from the same side again. Now it should look like 3 overlapping triangles.

Teepee Hanky FoldNow turn the pocket square so the tip faces up. It is now ready to be tugged into your breast pocket.

Teepee Fold CompletedFinally, this is what the fold looks like when tugged into your jacket’s breast pocket.

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