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Day 15: Peak Pocket Fold

Peak Pocket Square Fold
The perfect casual fold for all patterned pocket squares is the so-called “Peak Pocket Fold”. I especially like this fold for my wool pocket squares that I often wear with blazer or casual sports coat in Fall and Winter. It is a quick and easy fold that’s great with or without a complementing necktie. Here is how to create this fold.

Peak Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

PeakPocketLay your pocket square down flat.

PeakPocket FoldPick up the pocket square by pinching near the center with two fingers.

Pocket Square Fold Peak PocketSlide the pocket square through your other hand.

PeakPocket Hanky FoldFold the closed side up to create a base that will sit inside your breast pocket.

PeakPocket Square FoldsTurn the pocket square around with the tips facing up.

PeakPocket Handkerchief FoldLast, tug the pocket square into your breast pocket. Style to your liking by pulling on the tips until satisfied.

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