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Day 36: Ice Cream Fold

Ice Cream Pocket Square Fold
A playful fold that is most fun when created with two bright and contrasting colored pocket squares. I usually wear this fold with red and white pocket squares during a 4th of July party along with my American Flag striped bow tie, blue blazer, and light blue shorts. Here is how you create this fun fold:

Ice Cream Fold Step-by-Step:

ice cream foldLay both pocket squraes flat.

ice cream fold pocket squareFold both pocket squares in half to create two triangles.

how to fold an ice cream pocket squareNow place one triangle over the other so that the corner of the top triangle ends near the center of the beneath triangle. The bottom pocket square should also be visible along the long side.

pocket square folds the ice creamWrap the top pocket square by folding the other pocket square in half. Fold so that the top of each square is showing.

soft serve ice cream foldNow fold over the other pocket square. Again, the top of the pocket square should be visible.

ice cream folds for pocket squareAnd one more time: Fold in the bottom pocket square.

pocket hanky ice cream foldAgain, fold in the other pocket square.

pocket handkerchief folds the ice creamNow fold the entire fold in half along the center.

mens pocket square ice cream fold how toFold back the left corner to give it a shape of a soft serve ice cream cone.

mens pocket square ice cream foldAt last, place the fold into your breast pocket. Give it some final styling to your liking.

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