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Day 27: Four Stairs Fold

How to Fold your pocket square with the four stairs fold
The four stairs fold is the first fold I am featuring in my “50 Folds in 50 Days series” that uses not one, but two pocket squares. It allows you to add yet another color and pattern element to your look. I prefer this fold with either two solid colored pocket squares, or with one patterned and one solid pocket square in color complementing the colors found in the pattern. Because of the added fabric from the 2nd pocket square, I prefer smaller pocket squares that are 13″ x 13″ or smaller in size. The look above was created with one solid red and one solid white pocket square in 100% silk that measure just 10″ x 10″ in size. Here is how you create this fold:

Four Stairs Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Four Stairs FoldStart out with 2 pocket squares you like to use for this look. I chose a red and a white one for the photo above. Lay both pocket squares down flat.

Four Stairs Fold Pocket SquaresNow fold both pocket squares in half to create a triangle for each pocket square.

Four Stairs Pocket Square FoldNow lay one pocket square over the other so that one corner of the above laying pocket square ends near the center of the pocket square below.

Four Stairs Pocket Square Fold How ToNow fold the lower pocket square in half so that it wraps the other pocket square.

Four Stairs The Pocket Square FoldNow fold in the corner of the other pocket square. Fold at a slight angle so that the other pocket square is still visible.

Four Stairs Hanky FoldNow fold the other side over. Again, fold at an angle so that the below laying pocket square is still visible at the top.

Four Stairs Hanky Folding How toAgain, fold in the other side so that the below laying pocket square is visible.

4 Stairs FoldNow turn the pocket squares so that the stars face to the right.

4 Stairs Pocket Square FoldBecause the pocket square is still wider than your breast pocket, we need to reduce the width by folding it in half.

How to 4 Stairs Pocket Square FoldThe fold is complete and all there is left is to carefully place it in your breast pocket.

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