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Do you prefer larger tie knots, but want something more unique than a Windsor knot? Then the Christensen is perfect! It is a creative knot that stands out thanks to the second wrapping. It is related to the Prince Albert Knot, but is a bit larger in size – perfect for spread collar shirts.
tie a christensen necktie knot

The Christensen Step by Step Instructions

If you love the Prince Albert knot, but want a knot that is a bit larger in size, then the Christensen is the one for you. While more challenging to tie, I broke this tricky knot down for you in 10 simple steps:

Christensen Knot

Lay the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging 14 inches lower than the narrow end. Cross the wide end over the narrow end.

Tie a Christensen

Pull the wide end of the tie behind the narrow end.

Christensen Tie Knot

Then take the wide end of the tie and pull through the gap between necktie and collar.

Christensen Tie Knot Instructions

Pull the wide end down and tight.

Christensen Necktie Knot

Then wrap the wide end back over the narrow end.

The Christensen Knot

Then wrap the wide end a 2nd time around the narrow end.

Christensen Mens Tie Knot

Next go back through the gap between collar and shirt with the wide end of the tie.

Tie the Christensen Tie Knot

Don’t pull the two wrappings tight yet. Instead create a single loop using both wrappings.

Christensen Knot Tutorial

Push the wide end of the tie through the loop made up from two wrappings.

Complete Christensen Knot

Pull the knot tight slowly while making sure the wrappings don’t slide out of place. Tighten the knot and adjust to sit centered between your shirt collar. Congratulations! You just masters the Christensen knot!