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Prince Albert

Set yourself apart from all other tie wearers by tying your neckties with the “Prince Albert” knot. The two wrappings create subtle detail that any well dressed man will appreciate. It is a popular choice among men who take pride in their accessory choices.
How to tie a necktie with the Prince Albert

Prince Albert Step by Step

Any tie aficionado will instantly recognize this uniquely elegant knot. What makes it stand out are the 2 wrappings that are visible towards the lower part of the knot. Whether you wear ties daily, or just for special occasions, I suggest you try this knot! Here is how it is tied:

tie a prince albert knot

Lay the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging about 13 inches lower than the narrow end. Then cross the wide end over the narrow end.

prince albert tie knot

Next, wrap the wide end once around the narrow end.

tie a prince albert knot

The first wrapping around the narrow end is complete. Don’t pull too tight yet.

prince albert knot instructions

Now create the 2nd wrapping around the narrow end. Create a one single loop using both wrappings. Hold this loop open with two fingers.

prince albert necktie knot

Now pull the wide end through the gap between tie and our collar.

prince albert mens tie

Then take the wide end and pull it through the loop on top of the knot. Make sure to pull through both wrappings.

prince albert tie a tie

Pull the wide end down slowly while making sure that both wrappings stay in place using your other hand.

final step prince albert

Pull the knot tight and slide up to sit centered between your collar. Nice work, you did it!