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Day 37: Bird of Paradise Fold

birdofparadise pocket square
A loud and glamorous pocket square fold is the so-called “Bird of Paradise”. It is an eccentric fold that looks fantastic with all silk pocket squares. It requires 2 pocket squares as well as the help of a rubber band. Here is how you create this fold:

Bird of Paradise Fold Step-by-Step:

bird of paradiseLay both pocket squares down flat.

bird of paradise pocket squareFold both pocket squares in half to create two rectangles.

bird of paradise pocket square foldFold both hankies in half again to crwate two equally sized squares.

bird of paradise pocket square fold how toNow place one pocket square over the other with the open corners all facing the same direction. The bottom pocket square should be visible at that corner.

bird of paradise hankyFold both squares in half to create a single triangle.

bird of paradise hanky foldCreate a pleat by first folding the top pocket square up, then just one layer of the other pocket square, before folding both back down.

bird of paradise hanky fold guideTurn the pocket square around and create the double pleat from the previous step on the other side of the pocket square.

flamboyant pocket square foldTurn the pocket square vertically and get a rubber band.

flamboyant pocket square fold how toTightly wrap the rubber band around the lower portion of the pocket squares.

flamboyant hanky fold how toNow fan open each of the pocket square leafs.

flamboyant hanky foldAt last, place the pocket square into your breast pocket and give it some final styling to your liking.

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