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Day 26: Armadillo Fold

Armadillo Pocket Square Fold how to
The Armadillo, aka Accordion fold, is perfect for larger pocket squares. It suits solid color pocket squares worn with formal suit or tux, as well as patterned pieces paired with casual sports coats. Here is how you create this fold:

Armadillo Pocket Square Fold Step-by-Step:

Armadillo FoldLay your hanky down flat.

Armadillo Hanky Fold How toCreate a pleated fold starting at one corner. To do so, fold the pocket square in, and then back down. The pleat should be about 1/2 wide.

Armadillo Pocket Square how toCreate 7-10 more pleats by repeating step #2.

Armadillo Hanky FoldNow fold the pocket square in half at the center.

How to create a Pocket Square Armadillo FoldShape the width so that it fits the width of your breast pocket.

Pocket Square Armadillo FoldLastly tug the pocket square into your breast pocket.

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