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The Tie Bar

How to Wear a Tie Bar

Zac-Efron-Tie-BarIf you follow men’s fashion then you may have noticed models in GQ, Esquire magazine, JCrew catalogs, billboards, and every other fashion oriented publication, dressed up wearing metal clips on their neckties. These tie accessories, also known as tie-bars, have gained much popularity in recent years. Below I am giving you some basic tips on how to wear a tie bar.

Tie Bars, Clips, Pins, and Co
Nowadays most people simply call them “Tie Bars”. But not every tie bar is created equal. Some slide on, others attach with a spring loaded clip, and others again pin right through the tie. When shopping for tie bars I suggest you choose one that slides over the tie since clips are too bulk and pins can damage the tie. Fore more information on all the different available styles please see my page on Tie Accessories.

Why Tie Bars?
The the bar was initially invented to prevent a tie from dangling around too much. It is not surprising that tie bars became more popular with the invention of slimmer, so-called skinny ties in the 1960s which tent to dangle quite uncontrollably. Soon the tie bar became a must have accessory for the skinny tie and combined function with fashion. In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s ties became wider again and tie bars became less common. Since the skinny tie experienced a re-birth a few years ago, tie bars are also celebrating a come-back.

Best Ties for Tie Bars
Best are slimmer, European neckties that have a width between 2 and 3.25 inches. Although tie bars can be worn with any design and tie color, it usually looks best when they accessorize plain and elegant solid color neckties in darker contrasting colors, such as navy and classic black.

Tie Bar Colors and Materials
Typically tie bars are silver or gold. Lower cost models typically are made from stainless steel while more expensive pieces are handmade from sterling silver, platinum, and gold. Typically the simpler and sleeker the design, the more formal and classy the tie bar will appear. When choosing between silver and gold colored tie bar you want to pair them to all other metals on your ensemble such as the buckle on your belt, your watch, and cuff links.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I recently changed positions at work requiring me to change from uniform to business attire. You have truly helped me work through all of the issues related to wearing ties. Thanks for all the help.

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