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Dimpled Tie Knots

The Dimpled Tie Knot

dimpled-tie-knotYou may have heard men talk about “dimpling their tie knot”. It may look easy, but creating the perfect dimple takes a little bit of practice. Basically the dimple is fold of the tie’s fabric near the knot. It gives the tie a more interesting look, adds more depth, and gives the tie more texture. Knowing how to make a dimple will differentiate the sophisticated tie wearer form the necktie newbie. Below I am giving three tips that will guarantee a perfectly dimpled necktie.

#1: Choose the Right Knot
Some knots are better for the dimple then others. Two great knots for the dimple is the four in Hand as well as the Pratt knot. I never exactly figured out why these two knots are better suited, but fact is they just create a better dimple.

#2: Pinch the Tie
To make the dimple simply pinch the tie near the knot to make it look like a “W” right before tightening it. Create the dimple with your hands first and then secure it by pulling the knot tight. Give the knots a final pinch once tightened and the dimple will stay in place.

#3: Best Ties for Dimpled Knots
Some ties are easier to dimple than others. Best and easiest to dimple are ties made from a coarser fabric such as fine ribbed textured silk. The coarser fabric creates more friction that prevents the dimple from loosing it’s shape.

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