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Paisley Ties – Style Guide & Matching Tips

The Power of Paisley – Style & Matching Tips for Paisley Ties

If you have found yourself wearing either striped or solid ties day after day, then it is time for a change. 2013 is all about patterns, layering, and contrast, and few accessories will do as good of a job in doing just that, than a paisley tie. But before you head out to your next Nordstroms in search of the perfect paisley, make sure you familiarize yourself with these basic style tips. Depending on your personal style, I created three looks: “The Sophisticated”, “The Dapper”, and “The Renegade”.

“The Sophisticated”
You like 3-piece suits, classic brass-button blazers, and black tie events. Your tie collection consists of plenty of solids, repp-striped ties, and you even own a few paisleys. While you do own paisley ties, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe for the 2013 season. Pick bold paisley patterns but stick to classic colors such as navy, reds, hunter green, amber, charcoal, and brown. Besides these ties you should consider investing in a few key accessories such as tie bars, paisley pattern pocket squares, vests, and cardigans. Below are a few of my favorite looks found on some of my favorite style blogs, Pinterest, and google images.


A perfect play of pattern and color! The bold large-scale paisley pattern on the tie is paired with a very subtle micro-check shirt. The strong contrasting pin-stripes on the suit add yet another element to this uber sophisticated ensemble.

Again, the paisley tie is paired with a pastel colored checkered shirt. The muted colors on the tie as well as the classic navy blue suit give this ensemble a slightly more mature/conservative look compared to the first picture above.

“The Dapper”
You subscribe to GQ, prefer slim ties over wider pieces, and half of all your facebook page likes are for sartorial style blogs. You do own a nice tie collection but I bet that there is not a single paisley tie among them – but this is about to change. Choose slimmer (but not skinny) paisley ties that are about 3 to 3.25 inches in width. Chose bright colors but stick to a monochromatic color theme. Perfect here are pastel tones such as baby-blue, lavender, pinks, and mint-greens. Here are some of my favorite paisley tie looks for “The Dapper” dude in you.

TV character Chuck Bass is not afraid to show some color on his ties. Pinks and lavender are among is favorites. Here he opted for a pink paisley tie paired with a lavender and white striped shirt. If you like a bright and somewhat “flashy” look, then this may be an outfit for you.

The “Dapper” is not only a fan of bold colors, but also of attention-grabbing patterns. The navy paisley tie is paired with a trendy window-pane check suit, light blue shirt, and a white pocket square featuring navy edging.

“The Renegade”
You don’t really care about following a certain trend but instead focus your energy on being different. While you may not be an everyday tie wearer, you too can benefit from owning a few paisley pieces. Best for you are vintage inspired paisley designs in muted colors. Both silk and wool are strong contenders for you. Here are a few looks that my inspire you to experiment with paisley neckties.

A look that is both flashy yet sophisticated. The pink and coral paisley tie is paired with a window-pane-check sports coat, and double breasted indigo-blue overcoat. The rose colored hanky adds another interesting element while helping tying the colors together.

The “Renegade” likes shopping at Vintage stores. The Harris tweed jacket paired with muted paisley tie, golden tie clip, and complementing pocket square shows that vintage can be stylish.

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14 thoughts on “Paisley Ties – Style Guide & Matching Tips”

  1. Barb in LA says:

    Thanks for this helpful, up-to-date rundown on paisley. I found a really sharp Henry Grethel Italian silk tie at a vintage shop. In the tie, paisley plays a definite but understated role in the pattern. I love it and it’s for my son, who is developing his wardrobe. My husband offhandedly said “Paisley has been out for YEARS.” And I said “Let’s ask the Internet!” I couldn’t believe it – I’d seen it around the net too much for it to simply be “out.” Thanks for confirming that I was right. No matter what, this tie is beautiful, both in design and in quality. He’ll enjoy it, I’m confident. Thanks again for a helpful and well written article.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Barb, thanks for the nice words! Would love to see a picture of the tie you purchased for your son. You can contact me at pohlhendrik (at) google mail (dot) com

  2. Barb in LA says:

    P.S. All the “set ups” you displayed were wonderful but I must say, “The Renegade” with the vintage tie was just amazing. My favorite. I sell vintage clothing on Etsy and have always had a love for yesterday’s charm. Well done! I’m a firm believer: The more things change, the more they stay the same. 🙂 Classic looks rule.

  3. Christian says:

    Great guide! I used to only wear striped and solid colored ties but recently started experimenting with other bolder patterns. The paisley design is now my favorite. I get lots of compliments on them – especially when paired with finer checkered shirt. Btw, the blue paisley tie (above) is my favorite of these.

  4. Dan says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing!
    I’m on the lookout for a nice pink and orange paisley tie similar to the first picture. Are you able to recommend anywhere which sells what I’m looking for at a reasonable price?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Sherry Liang says:

    Great article!!

    I am currently looking for a Paisley tie for my fiancé. I really love the one in the second picture of “Dapper”. The navy one looks fascinating. I just wonder which brand it is or where I could buy that beautiful tie.

    Thx in advance.

  6. Jim says:

    I am wearing a paisley tie as I am writing this.
    One rule that I have made for myself is that any tie that I wear (paisley or print pattern) MUST contain a color element that is in the shirt. This really sets off the tie. I am wearing a burgandy shirt with a paisley tie that has burgandy, dark slate blue, dark gold, and white. The burgandy in the necktie really helps to visually anchor the tie to the shirt and vice versa.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Jim, that is good (and easy to follow) advice. I would add that this color doesn’t have to be present on the shirt per se, but it does have to be present somewhere on a visible clothing piece that is not too far away from the tie (pocket square for example).

  7. D Lyndon Y. says:

    I”m going to be the best man of my cousin’s wedding. The color theme is pastel pink. I have a new black suit. what do you recommend for the color of my shirt and tie? I wanted to get a paisley tie. My cousin told me to be a little bit of a “flashy look”. I am gearing to wear somewhat like Chuck Bass attire above. Do you think it’s ok? What are your thoughts?
    Thanks a lot!!!


    1. hendrik says:

      Soft pinks (pastels and blush pink in particular) are very popular wedding colors right now. Thus, I often see wedding parties where the men wear neckties of bow ties in these colors. My tip would be to stick to the basics of charcoal or black suit and white shirt. As for the necktie, the smaller the pattern, the more formal it will be. Solid bow ties made from a satin finish silk will be most formal. If you want to show a little bit of pattern, and are looking for something a bit more bold, then the paisley tie would be a great option. Add a matching pocket square and a lapel flower for even greater effect!

  8. Jim says:

    Hello: I found your site again. I decided to start experimenting with pocket squares after reading your reply about matching colors. Now I LOVE wearing them in my blazer or sport jacket at work. I picked up a few Tie & Square sets on EBay and followed the advice about NOT the wearing the set together. It really sets off the outfit by using a different pocket square with a related color to the shirt and/or tie and it gives the illusion that I have a more varied wardrobe. I noticed that your models on this page follow this trend. Now I would not dare go into the office without a square in my pocket. Your site gives good advice on looking cool while staying within the corporate guidelines.

    1. hendrik says:

      Thanks Jim. Sounds like you are a very stylish and dapper man! Keep it up and dress for success!

  9. Arthur says:

    I am looking for a Paisley tie for my wedding. The picture of “Dapper” is very beautiful. Where I can buy this tie. Pls. Help me!

    1. hendrik says:

      HI Arthur, congrats on getting married. What is your thought on this one here:

      Please copy/paste into your address bar.

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