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The Oriental Tie Knot

Learn to Tie an Oriental Tie Knot

The Oriental is a very easy to tie knot that is small in size and narrow in shape. It is perfect for ties made from a thicker fabric worn in combination with narrow spread, as well as button down collars. I tend to choose the Oriental knot for my thicker Regimental ties. The thick Mogador fabric, and/or Irish Poplin commonly used for these ties, makes it difficult to tie a knot that fits between the narrow spread collar of my oxford dress shirts. The four in Hand, while also small in size, is a bit too wide for this very specific shirt and tie combination. The Oriental knot on the other hand is perfect.


  • Easy to tie
  • Takes little of the tie’s fabric (perfect for taller men tying a normal length tie)
  • Great for ties made from thicker/heavier fabric
  • Ideal for very narrow spread shirt collars


  • Unsuited for wide spread shirt collars
  • Slips easily and needs to be re-tightened occasionally
  • Flat and narrow shape makes it unsuited for most silk ties

Oriental Tie Knot Instructions:

oriental-tie-knot-1Lay the tie around your flipped-up collar, with the inner stitching facing outwards on both ends. About 3/4 of the length of the tie should hang down on the broad end.

oriental-tie-knot-2Wrap the wide end around the narrow end. Then pull the wide end of the tie around the piece wrapping your neck (see image). Don’t pull tight quite yet, but leave a loop at the front.

oriental-how-to-tie-a-tie-3Pull the wide and through the loop created in step 2.

oriental-tie-a-necktie-4Pull the knot tight, turn down the collar, and center it.

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