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The Murrell is an artistic tie knot rebelling against the “office tie establishment”. It is fun, unique, and eccentric. It is perfect for casual wear and looks fantastic when worn with skinny ties, fitted shirts, and jeans.
how to tie a murrell necktie knot

Murrell Knot Step by Step Instructions

Looking to make a statement the next chance you get to wear a tie? Then learn how to tie this eccentric tie knot, called “Murrell”. The narrow end of the tie sits centered on top of the wide end, finishing just short of the wide end at the bottom. I recommend this knot solely for solid colored neckties. Learn this knot in just 10 steps:

Murrell Knot

Lay the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging at the desired length (near the belt buckle). Then place the narrow end over the wide end.

Tie a Murrell Knot

Wrap the narrow end under and over the part of the tie that goes around your neck.

Tie a Tie with the Murrell Knot

Pull the narrow end down and then go behind the wide end of the tie.


Then take the narrow end and wrap over the part of the tie going around your neck.

Murrell Mens Tie Knot

Pull down and tight on the narrow end.

Murrell Tie Your Necktie

Take the narrow end and go over the wide end. Don’t pull tight yet. Instead create a loop on the top of the knot.

Tie Your Necktie with the Murrell

Take the narrow and and go under the part of the tie that goes around your neck.

Murrell Knot Instructions

Pull the narrow end up but keep the loop on top of the unfinished knot

Murrell Tie Knot Instructions

Now go thorugh the loop with the narrow end and pull the narrow end down.

Murrell Tie Knot How to

Center the narrow end on top of the wide end of the tie. The pull tight and adjust at the center of your dress shirt collar. Congrats! Now go outside and show off your fancy knot.