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A longer and narrow shaped tie knot that easily ties with a fancy dimple at the center of the knot. While considered a more “expert” knot, I broke it down into 8 simple steps:
manhattan tie knot

Manhattan Knot Step by Step Instructions

Because of its longish shape, the Manhattan is perfect for narrow spread, and button down collar dress shirts. It is a fancy knot and somewhat more challenging knot that I would recommend for the more experienced tie wearer. If you already know how to tie your ties with 3 or 4 different knots, then the Manhattan would be another great addition.

Manhattan knot

Lay the tie around your neck with the stitching facing out. Make sure that the wide end hangs 12 inches lower than the narrow end. Then wrap the wide end around the narrow end.

Manhattan necktie knot

Pull the wide end through the gap between collar and the necktie.

Tie a Tie Manhattan

Pull the wrapping tight and then pull the wide end back down.

Necktie Manhattan

Pull the wide end behind the narrow end.

Mens Tie Manhattan

Then wrap the wide end all the way around the narrow end of the tie.

Tie a Necktie with the Manhattan

Pull the wide end once again through the gap between collar and the necktie.

Mens Necktie Manhattan knot

Don’t pull tight yet because you need to keep the loop on top of the knot loose.

Tie a Manhattan Knot

Push the wide end of the tie through the loop on top of the knot. Then pull down on the wide end.

The Manhattan Necktie Knot

Pull tight, adjust the knot to your preference, and center it between your collar. That’s all!