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Looking for a more creative way to tie your neckties? Then the Kelvin is a great pick. It is a slightly more advanced knot, but if you have already mastered the Four in Hand, then the somewhat similar Kelvin, should be no problem.
how to tie a Kelvin knot

Kelvin Step by Step Instructions

The Kelvin is a medium sized knot that is perfect for narrow spread and classic spread collar shirts. Because the knot is tied with 2-wrappings, it requires more of your tie’s length. It is perfect for ties made from thinner fabrics, as well as ties that are a bit too long. If you like your tie knots “dimpled” then the Kelvin is one of the easiest knots to create that perfect dimple on top of the knot.

Kelvin Tie knot instructions

Lay the tie around your neck so that the back side (the stitching) is visible. The wide end of the tie should hang about 12 inches lower than the narrow end. Cross the narrow end over the wide end of the tie.

how to tie a kelvin knot

Take the wide end of the tie and wrap over the narrow end. Then pull slightly tight.

tie a tie with a kelvin knot

Now create a second wrapping with the wide end around the narrow end.

kelvin tie knot instructions

Pull the wide end through the gap on your collar.

kelvin knot

Then pull the wide end through the loop created by the 2nd wrapping (in step 3 above).

final step kelvin knot

Pull the knot tight and slide the knot up centering your collar. That’s all!