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Interview with Stylist, Model, & Blogger: Marcel Floruss


It has been over a month since I have started my “Menswear Interview Series“. So far, I have interviewed several entrepreneurs and bloggers that are shaking up the menswear industry. Today’s feature is no different. I was able to spend some time with NYC based model, stylist and blogger Marcel Floruss who is literally the face of OneDapperStreet.com.

Over the past year Marcel’s eye for style has gotten quite the attention. He has appeared on dozens of well-known menswear blogs, accumulated tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, and is on his way to become the face of a well-known men’s clothing brand. I was able to spend some time with Marcel to ask him questions about his style influencers, what his plans are, and what tips he has for other men wanting to break into the industry.

Tie-a-Tie: Hi Marcel, thanks for joining me today for my Menswear Insider series. Over the past year or so you have made quite the name for yourself – something that is especially surprising since you grew up in Germany and just relatively recently moved to NYC. What brought you to the United States?

Marcel: Frankly, I had this random fascination with New York City, probably since I was about 13, without ever having been there or knowing much about about it. The first thing that physically got me here was dance. I came here one summer with my best friend to take classes, fell in love with the city, and discovered FIT, the school I now go to.

Tie-a-Tie: Do you think you will ever move back to Germany?

Marcel: I’m not planning on it. Even though, as the fashion industry in Berlin grows, I hope to travel there a lot.

Tie-a-Tie: Now, prior to modeling you were a hip hop dancer. What was it that got you into modeling?

Marcel: Modeling actually started with dancing, as I had my first photo shoot for dance. But it was actually in New York that I was just surrounded with fashion and photographers and I always wanted to do it – and then I kind of just made it happen. In the end, it didn’t work out on a longer term and I am perfectly happy just modeling for my blog right now!

Tie-a-Tie: In the past year or so you have made quite the name for yourself. Besides a certain look, what do you think an aspiring male fashion model needs to be successful in this industry?

Marcel: I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a model, but instead a style blogger. Modeling is a major part of what I do, but to me one of the less important ones. To be successful in blogging, you need a solid sense of fashion, have social media skills, have an understanding of photography and design, and be persistent and eager to get where you want to go.

Tie-a-Tie: Speaking of “Social Media Skill”, you are quite popular with close to 40,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000+ fans on Facebook. How did you became so popular? Of all the social media channels out there, which one is most important to you and why?

Marcel: I don’t know exactly. All I know is that I do all of the above (and some extras) passionately, with heart and soul. Definitely Instagram, since it is the most visual. The big draw-back is that you don’t have active links though, which makes it hard to drive traffic to the actual blog…

Tie-a-Tie: Tell me about your own personal style? What inspires you?

Marcel: Nothing in particular comes to mind but everything all around me every day. In terms of my own wardrobe, I get most of my inspirations from the streets of New York, either directly or through street style and blogger’s Instagram accounts. That’s probably why my style is very versatile and changes a lot. Inspiration just comes from many directions. That’s also what inspired the name of my blog, combining both “Dapper” & “Street-Style”.

Tie-a-Tie: Featuring street-style goes back quite some time now with the works of Bill Cunningham for the NY Times, or the more recent Scott Schuman – aka the Sartorialist. Which street-style blogger/photographer do you follow? Are there any newer, lesser known ones which you think might become the next Schuman?

Marcel: Two blogs I really like in terms of street style photography are Le-21eme.com by Adam Katz Sinding, and Jak & Jil by Tommy Ton. I think their eye for art, and talent for photography will go far!

Tie-a-Tie: If you have $100 to be spend on a certain clothing store, which one would you walk into? What do you think you would buy?

Marcel: Right now: a sneaker shop, and I’d spend it on a pair if dope new running shoes that you can also rock casually once the weather gets less … Arctic.

Tie-a-Tie: What about $1,000? Different store? Different pieces?

Marcel: Definitely a different scenario. I am a shoe geek though. So probably some Ann Demeulemeesters found on Mr. Porter. Or Common Projects. Or a J. Lindeberg suit. Anything upscale. Been yearning to climb up that ladder.

Tie-a-Tie: Lastly, a question I commonly ask, where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Marcel: Ha! Hmmm, 10 years from now I see myself high up in a global fashion corporation, with my blog running on the side. I hope I’ll be on the verge of going my own way around that time – meaning starting another company, aside from my blog.

Tie-a-Tie: That is a great goal. You certainly don’t lack ambition. Thanks again for joining me here today, and best of luck to you!

Marcel: Thanks for having me!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Stylist, Model, & Blogger: Marcel Floruss”

  1. Colson says:

    Great interview. I have seen Marcel via Lookbook and he is quite popular. I myself want to get into the industry. Thanks for the tips and sharing your thoughts. Is there a way you could introduce me to Marcel? I have a few more questions for him.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Colson, I forward your request to Marcel. Thanks for commenting…

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