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7 Popular Ways to Tie a Men’s Scarf

The scarf is a perfect cold weather accessory. Not only will it keep you warm on chilly days, but it will also open up many new possibilities to accessorize your looks. While there are hundreds of ways to tie a scarf, below are the 7 most popular techniques seen in menswear today. For more tips on how to wear, style, and match your scarf to your wardrobe, please check out my tips below this infographic:

How to tie a Mens scarf different ways

Which Style is Best?

Not sure which of the 7 scarf knots you should wear? Generally speaking, there is no right or wrong here. Simply, choose the style you like most. Also, keep in mind that the knots that require more elaborate wrappings and/or a longer drape will require a longer scarf. A good example here is the “Parisian Knot”. Last but not least, consider the formality of the event. Formal dress codes, such as black tie attire, are best accessorized with fine silk scarves worn with the simple and timeless “Drape” style.

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