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Guide to Men’s Bags, Briefcases, & Murses

While most of my posts are related to men’s neckwear, a reader recently asked what type of briefcase he should get for a new job as an accountant. Inspired by this great question, I decided to create an infographic with all the most common types of men’s bags, briefcases, packs, and “murses”. Besides covering what each looks like, this visual ranks each bag on comfort, tells you common uses, and more.
guide to mens bags

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2 thoughts on “Guide to Men’s Bags, Briefcases, & Murses”

  1. edward says:

    this is gross. who wrote this Donald Trump? some old out of touch German millionare with a fanny pack?????

    1. Hendrik says:

      Haha, Edward. Thanks for the funny comment. The quote on how to wear the fanny pack was certainly a joke.

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