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GILT features a Necktie Gift Box

I just spotted this awesome gift idea on GILT.com which is called the “SHARP SEVEN”. It is a menswear gift box that contains four handmade silk ties, one skinny tie by designer BlackBird (made from wool), a classic self-tied bow tie in black, as well as a pair of dress socks.

It took me a little to understand what the percentages mean, but the chart in one of the images explains it all. The retailer suggests that you should “always give 100% every week”. The funny thing here is that this 100% is divided up throughout the week. Monday, for instance is pretty light at just 13% effort, while Thursday is supposed to be your day where you got to buckle down (giving a mere 1/3 of your max effort). Haha! Saturday and Sunday is 0%.

Besides having fun with these percentages, there are other subtle things I picked up, which I am sure was a concious decision by the designer. Friday for instance has not a tie, but a pair of socks. I am guessing this is because of “casual Friday”. Hope you are having fun with this box. It is actually quite a good deal at just $99 (when bought via GILT.com). Your can purchase one of these HERE.

+ GIVEAWAY (winner will be announced Dec. 15th)
Don’t want to spend $99 and rather get this box for free? Then  check out Bows’N Ties featured page where they are hosting a GIVEAWAY towards the bottom of the page. All you need to enter is leave a comment with “what your most productive day of the week is” for you. Mine is Mondays! Good luck!

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