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Funny Tie a Tie Video

Funniest Video Teaching You to Tie a Tie

As a tie aficionado I am always on the lookout for tie related topics that are worth writing about. In my quest to find an interesting topic I came across a very funny, and also quite strange video teaching you to tie a tie. The guys over at Mens-Ties.com took a fluorescent necktie and tied it under black light. An ingenious idea that, I must jealously admit, I came up with.

The figure in the video wears a black spandex suit, also known as Zentai suit, and ties several different tie knots such as the Four in Hand, half Windsor, and double Windsor. Although meant to be funny, the instructions are clear and easy to follow (even though only music is playing). I found these videos so interesting and funny that I had to share it on my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here is the video on the four in Hand knot:

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One thought on “Funny Tie a Tie Video”

  1. rubipaul says:

    Funny video that show tie a tie techniques in funny ways.

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