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Do Men Who Wear Ties Make More Money?

Last week I send a link to a necktie survey that our sister site Bows-N-Ties created. Apparently 1,184 men and women filled out the survey, and the folks over at Bows-N-Ties decided to display the results via this infographic. I talked to Ashley who created this survey and she was so kind to let me take a look at the data. I wanted to know if men living in the US who wear ties more frequently earn more money.

Do Men Who Wear Ties Make More Money?

This is definitely a debatable question. Maybe I should rephrase the question to: “Does the way we dress can have an impact on our financial success?” The survey results rather support this claim than prove otherwise. I am a firm believer that the way we dress has an impact on how we are perceived by others. Dressing well (and appropriate) for a job interview, for instance, can only be favorable.

When arguing that the way we dress can be correlated to our income, I often give the following example: Suppose there are two real estate agents. One dresses in elegant suit & tie and drives a newer BMW, while the other, who dresses in Jeans and dress shirt, drives a Honda. Who would you most likely buy a house from? I bet that the majority would do business with the person who appears to be more successful. It conveys trust and competence.

Now what does the data of the survey show? Using the data, I created the following graph that shows what percentage of men for each income bracket frequently wear ties 4+ times/week as well as once or less/week.


The graph above shows three things that are particularly interesting:

  1. Men who wear ties more frequently are more likely to make more money
    This statement is generally true according to the graph. Especially jobs that pay  $50K – $200K sees men dressed in ties the majority of time.
  2. A large percentage of low income jobs require men to wear ties
    Even though the majority of low paying jobs (less than $20K/yr) has a work force not dressed in ties, the blue graph shows that there are indeed 12% of men who wear ties 4+ times/week who fall in this income bracket. I conclude that certain jobs that don’t pay high salaries require men to wear ties on a daily basis. Some job examples may be: security staff, waiters, hotel staff, limousine drivers, etc.
  3. High Income Earners Wear Ties Less Often
    Take a look at the $200K income mark. Surprisingly, men in this income bracket wear ties less often. While it may require you to wear a suit and tie daily to get to this level, once you made it, wearing a tie is rather optional than a requirement.


6 thoughts on “Do Men Who Wear Ties Make More Money?”

  1. Will says:

    I do wear ties every day but make less money than my roommate who works from home wearing his PJs all day. Can you make another study if men who wear PJs earn more? I might have to change my work attire… ; )

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Will, please don’t show up to work in your PJs. It might be your last day. =)

  2. Richard says:

    Nice! But is it the tie that causes men to make more money? What if your job requires you to wear a tie?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Richard, thanks for the comment. Take a look at the graph. I think this will answer your questions. =)

  3. Chris says:

    “Men who wear ties more frequently are more likely to make more money”

    This is incorrectly worded.

    Like the other gentleman said.

    The frequency of which you wear a tie as no bearing on your income. That’s ludicrous!

    Lots of very successful, high paid people wear ties but the tie has nothing to do with them making more money.

    My friend has been wearing a tie 5 times a week for 6 years but he hasn’t made more money because he wears a tie.

    Not intended to be negative…just factual.

  4. ernest says:

    Earning more money because of a tie is abit far fetched.but dressing official,wearing a tie make people regard you in a more serious way than not wearing so.dressing impressively will open doors to expressing your business ideas to already successful people who would otherwise not give a fuck about your presence when in a faded jeans,a bob marley ganja t shirt and a pair of thief boots.

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