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Coming Soon to Tie-a-Tie.net

Tie-a-Tie’s Next 90 Days

Dear visitor, if this is not your first time visiting my site then you may have noticed quite a few changes over the past two months. On the one hand I have updated the look of the site to make it a little more suited for the 21st century. I wanted a look that is contemporary but at the same time does not take away from the simplicity that so many of you liked about the previous site design.

I have also added some new information lately such as a dress code guide on Black Tie attire. This blog section is also new and I am planning on blogging weekly about the latest tie trend, celebrity fashion, tips & tricks to match your tie, new ways to tie a tie, and much more.

What is Coming Next?
Lot’s of changes have already taken place and I am planning on further expanding this site. In the next 90 days I will continue to grow the dress code section with information on formal White Tie, casual Semi Formal Dress, and more. I will also add a few new ways to tie a tie, as well as will add a new section teaching you to fold a pocket square. It is my plan to offer useful information that is easy quick to read and easy to find. Should you have any suggestions then I would love to hear from you!

Thank you again for your visit and support.


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