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Match Your Tie Color to Your Personality

Tie Color Psychology: Match Your Tie Color to Your Personality

That colors can evoke certain feelings and emotions is nothing new. Psychologists have been talking about the “psychology of colors” for decades now. Companies for instance are using specific colors to emphasize a certain brand image that they want to portray. Take the household cleaning company 7th Generation for instance. Their logo is green to underline their stance on environmental sustainability. Just like companies are using colors to evoke certain emotions and responses in their customers, so can a man by picking certain clothing colors. While suits and shirts typically don’t leave much room for color, it is the necktie that is the perfect accessory to take advantage of “the power of color”. Below are six common tie colors. Choose the color that suits the occasion and your personality.

Red Ties

red-tieThe bright red necktie is commonly referred to as the “power tie”. Red is an attention grabbing color that is commonly associated with passion, power, love, and authority. Because it is such a “loud” and attention grabbing color, I suggest you use it carefully on your selection of neckties. Unless you are looking for a bold look that makes you center of attention, stay away from bright red neckties. Red ties look nice with navy, gray, and charcoal suits. If you are looking for a bright and lively tie color, but don’t want the bold look of the bright red tie, then your best bet are red shades that contain a larger potion of brown – which brings me to the next tie color: “Burgundy”

Burgundy Ties

burgundy-tieTies in burgundy and other dark reds (cherry, maroon, crimson, etc.) are popular in the world of neckties. They are timelessly elegant and suit any season. Burgundy is a color that pairs the power of red with the maturity of brown – thus making an excellent choice for business. There is a reason why cherry and burgundy red ties are popular in politics!

Navy Ties

blue-tieBlue is men’s favorite color. It connotes a calm and soothing nature, elegance, and maturity. It is not surprising that the navy blue necktie is the most commonly sold tie color. It is timelessly elegant and can be worn in spring as well as winter. My tip: Pair the blue tie with a contrasting suit and shirt to create a more interesting look. A solid navy blue tie would look great when paired with classic white shirt and a light gray pin-striped suit.

Light Blue Ties

light-blue-tieLight blue ties are most popular in the spring and summer month. It is, compared to navy, a much more playful color that evokes youthfulness and liveliness. My tip: pair the light blue necktie with your charcoal gray suit – a perfect business look for the spring and summer months.

Pink Ties

pink-tiePink is a color that pairs the passion of red with the purity of white. It is therefore often called the “romantic color”. In the world of neckties, pink is commonly spotted on designers’ spring and summer collections. My tip: wear a solid pink tie in combination with a light rose colored dress shirt, navy pin-striped suit, and light rose colored pocket square – the perfect look for a date at a fancy restaurant. I guarantee that she will be impressed! For more information you may also want to read my recent blog post titled: Matching the Pink Tie

Orange Ties

orange-tieOrange is sometimes called the “happy color”. Depending on the shade of orange, it can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. For the spring, brighter and pastel orange ties are popular. Check out Hermes’ collection of pastel and peach colored neckties out of this year’s collection for instance. While lighter shades of orange are great for the spring and summer, darker orange (burnt orange and persimmon) are excellent fall colors. They remind me of turning Autumn leaves!

Yellow Ties

yellow-tieYellow is a cheerful color that is typically only seen in tie designer’s spring and summer collections. It is not a popular color for business since it can be perceived as “too playful”. My tip: Wear a bright lemon yellow tie for the next summer wedding you are invited to! Yellow ties look excellent in combination with navy and/or beige colored suits.

Black Ties

black-tieThat black is a formal color shouldn’t be news to anyone. For a reason we speak of Black Tie dress code. Black ties are common for formal evening functions when paired with white shirts, black or charcoal suits, and black dress shoes. Looking to wear the black necktie in a more casual setting? Then my tip: Wear a solid black skinny tie (tied with a loose Four in Hand knot), a white dress shirt with top button left undone, a pair of designer jeans, a trendy tweed sports coat, and a pair of sporty loafers or so-called “driving shoes”. For more information please also check out my: Tips for Skinny Ties

White Ties

white-tieWhite is a “pure” color. While common on a man’s dress shirt, it is typically only used as an accent color on the necktie (in form of white stripes, checks, polka dots, etc). Solid white ties are rare in business but are great for a casual/trendy look. My tip: Wear a solid white skinny tie with a black dress shirt, washed designer jeans, and a knitted cardigan sweater.

Green Ties

green-tieGreen is a color that is commonly associated with nature and the environment. When thinking about wearing green ties you will have plenty of choices. Especially the spring and summer months are great for showcasing a light lime-green necktie paired with a summer suit in blue, light gray, and/or tan – another great ensemble for your next summer wedding invitation.

Brown Ties

brown-tieBrown is commonly referred to as “the mature color”. If you are looking to portray a mature and established personality, then the brown necktie is right for you. Brown ties are especially popular in the fall season. My tip: stay away from a suit, shirt, and tie combination that pairs too many “earthy colors” – it will make you look like a park ranger. Instead pair the brown tie with a navy suit, off-white dress shirt, and dark brown dress shoes.

Purple Ties

purple-tiePurple is often times referred to as “the royal color”. Purple is a shade that is commonly associated with nobility but also with religion. Depending on the shade, purple ties can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. For the spring light purples (such as lavender and iris) are excellent especially when paired with tan or light gray summer suits. For the fall season darker purples (such as plum and eggplant) are great choices for the man seeking to add some interesting color to his business uniform.

I hope you found my tie color guide helpful!

Tie Aficionado & Tie-a-Tie.net Founder

157 thoughts on “Match Your Tie Color to Your Personality”

  1. talon Clifford says:

    I REALLY LIKE YOUR WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    Please, can my fiance wear a grey coloured suit, with a white shirt and a lemon green tie for our wedding? If possible, i would like to have a picture of what the colour combination looks like. Thanks. Vicky

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Vicky, the colors you describe would most certainly work well together. A grey suit and white shirt is a perfect canvas for almost any tie color! Congrats on getting married by the way.

  3. Anand says:


    My fiancee bought a Magenta color saree , i need to buy matching coat suit for marriage.
    Could you please suggest suitable combination with saree .

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Anand, am I correct in assuming that you are having an Indian wedding? Your attire depends on how formal and/or traditional it would be. Assuming you are wearing a western suit, I would suggest darker colors (charcoal, midnight blue, or black), a classic white dress shirt, a boutonniere that compliments the color of the saree, and either a necktie or bow tie in similar colors. Keep in mind that your necktie does not have to match the saree. You can always go for a classic black or ivory tie as well. I hope this is helpful.

  4. Cindi says:

    Hi, we have an upcoming event that is business formal I will be wearing a black dress, my question is my husband color of tieshould he wear??? he has a black suit .thanks cindi

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Cindy, thanks for your comment. I am assuming the event is in the evening. Business formal is an elegant and somewhat conservative dress code that will require a full suit, dress shirt, and a tie. The black suit he is wearing is an excellent choice. I would recommend pairing it with a classic white dress shirt. The tie will allow you to add a bit of color, but I would stay away from bright and vibrant hues such as pink, lime green, bright yellows, and light blues. A classic navy blue tie is perfect. Want a bit more color? Then cherry-red is also great. Solids, stripes, and fine textures are preferred. Should you look for other elegant accessory options, the you may want to consider wearing a French cuffed shirt paired with cufflinks.

      I hope this was helpful.


  5. Bhav says:

    I recently bought a charcoal suit for an upcoming evening party. i am not sure what color tie and shirt should I wear.
    I am not a much into red but would like to experiment with colors like emerald green or purple. not sure though. Please suggest.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Bhav,
      Thanks for the good question. I actually get asked quite often about what tie color to wear. Without doubt, red is an attention grabbing color, but there are other hues that can draw attention without being flashy. Emerald, as you had mentioned, is a perfect choice. It is a very stylish color right now due to the fact that Pantone named it their “color of the year” for 2014. Other good choices orange, purple, and teal-blues – all of which will look nice with a charcoal suit.

      Last but not least, keep in mind that color is just one way to create contrast. Pattern can do just as good of a job. In fact layering different patterns has become huge in menswear as of recently. A tie featuring a gingham check or polka dots is a perfect example.

      Best of luck!


  6. walter says:

    hi i have a christining in an hour and would like to know what colour of tie to wear i have a dark blue coloured suit and light blue shirt, would a grey tie or a multi patterned tie go with this combination?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Walter, I am sorry I am responding a bit too late for your event, but in case you run into this question again, here are my thoughts:
      A combination of dark navy suit and light blue shirt is a good base that can be worn in any season. When it comes to the tie, I would suggest to not add more blue to the outfit. Instead, especially during the spring and summer months, add some color. Orange and reds look excellent with blue, and so do shades of lavender and purple. In terms of pattern, you can choose as you please as long as the pattern of the tie does not clash with shirt and/or suit pattern. If the shirt is solid (no pattern) then any pattern tie will work. Otherwise, make sure that the patterns on each clothing piece are different in size/scale. I hope this is helpful.

  7. Will says:

    I have a checkered necktie that is white and black/grey. I’m not entirely sure what kinds of shirts and coats to match it with. What would you recommend?
    Also, I was unsure how this tie would be defined according to your tie personality article. What kind of message does my tie give?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Will, plaid and checkered ties are quite popular these days. They are modern and elegant without being “too stiff and/or conservative”. Without seeing the tie, and with just going of your description I would suggest a white herringbone textured shirt, charcoal 3-piece suit, and a silver tie bar. If you want a more general idea on what shirts would work for this tie, the all solid shirts in white, gray, and black would pair nicely. I hope this is helpful.

  8. joshua says:

    Great guide. I am going to a wedding this weekend and I am looking for something interesting to wear. What do you think about navy tie navy pants white shirt and a tan vest? Do you think I should go for a lighter tan? Heatherbone?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Joshua, I think you mean herringbone, right? I do like your suggestion, but I would suggest to swap the pant and vest colors. Beige/tan dress pants, white shirt, navy vest (with herringbone texture), and navy necktie. A solid navy tie would be perfect!

  9. Ferina says:

    Hi Hendrik,
    I wanna buy a necktie for my fiance, but I don’t know which color (in striped pattern) matches best with any dress shirt almost.
    I hope you help me choose a right color.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Ferina,
      If you are looking for a very versatile striped tie that matches most dress shirts, then I would suggest to a classic repp-striped tie in navy or burgundy-red. These are pieces that will look great in any season and pair well with solid, striped, and check patterned shirts in most colors.



  10. sunny says:


    My fiancee bought a PURPLE color wedding saree, Could you please suggest suitable SUIT, SHIRT & TIE combination for this saree except the black color.

    Can dark blue or sky dark blue suit go with purple color saree.


    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Sunny,
      Yes, a blue suit would most definitely work with purple. I would suggest a stone-gray or blue suit, classic white shirt, and a purple tie that complements the saree. Personally I am not a big fan of solid colored ties. They do look a bit too bland and “cookie cutter” for my taste. Instead I would suggest playing with texture. Ribbed textured stripes, small gingham checks, or other foulards can be perfect. I suggest you contact the folks over at Bows-N-Ties.com for some ties. You can also mail them a fabric swatch and they will e-mail you suggestions for the best matching neckties to the saree. Best of luck!


  11. terence says:


    First of all, I love this article. It is very helpful. I wanted to ask what tie to wear for my graduation. Its a navy suit and I will be wearing a white shirt. I want something cheerful and different from ordinary. I was thinking of something stripy for the tie. Could you please advise on the fabric as well. Thanks.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Terence,
      Stripes are always great for ties. What is your school? Maybe you can incorporate your school colors into the tie? I would suggest to stick to ties made from pure silk. They have the nicest sheen and the best drape.

  12. Dave says:


    I’m getting married in September.. Looking to buy a navy slim fit suit. Stuck on what colour tie to get.. The theme is ‘English country’.. What do you suggest?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Dave,
      That is a great theme for a wedding. Was this inspired by Downton Abbey? =) Regarding ties for your navy slim-fit suit, I would definitely recommend Regimental ties and repp-striped ties. They add a very classy and British gentelman-like look! Brooks Brothers and Ben Silver are popular brands for these styles. In addition, our sister site Bows-N-Ties.com carries a collection by Parsley Designer Neckwear. Here are links to some of my favorites:

      You may have to copy/paste these links into your browser.

      Hope you like my suggestions and congrats on getting married!



  13. rich says:

    Hey there Hendrik,
    I am getting married this summer in Scotland and I was thinking of pairing my three piece suit with tartan ties for my self and the three groomsman (different ties). My suit is a three piece navy blue suit with a prince of wales check (navy check on lighter blue -quite subtle, looks navyt from a distance). We are all wearing navy suits, light blue shirts, dark brown shoes. Given that there are endless combinations availiable in tartan, do you have any suggestions to what colours may work well together?

    Thanks and congratulations on your excellent blog.


  14. indrani gupta says:

    Hi dear , ur advices are simply awesum. Actually my fiance is going to sit for the campusing in hotel management. Can u kindly advice me the suiting colours , colour of the tie, socks, shoes he should wear. He wil need a formal one. He is dark complexioned 5’8″ tall and is 85 kgs body weight. Plzzzzzzzzz suggest something which will make him look sleek and elegant . Awaiting for your reply ..

  15. Tommy says:

    Hi, great article. Looking for help. Wearing a black suit and have a gray shirt (dark gray but not as dark as charcoal). Looking for a fun color to go with it. Hoping for a solid satin looking color, not too shiny but not too dull. Want it to be fun though. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Tommy,
      Thanks for your question. You will quite a few choices here, but since you were asking for some color that adds a bit of “pop”, I would suggest coral and fuchsia (as well as other bright pinks), as well as purple or lavender. In case these colors are too “trendy” and un-traditional, bright sky-blue is a good alternative. I am curious on what you choose to wear. Send me a picture and I might feature you on my blog. =)

  16. aisha bukhari says:

    i bought a green shirt, now please help me what colour i should choose for the tie?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Aisha, that depends on the color green. For a lighter green (pastels) I personally like ties that contrast such as navy, charcoal, solid blacks. For dark green/olive-colored shirts I like to choose ties that show small portions of this color on their design. A good example here is a repp-striped tie in navy with portions of olive-green on the stripes. If you need more help, send me a picture of the shirt.

  17. Oluwaphemmy says:

    Good job there Hendrick! I have an orange shirt, though I don’t know the shade of orange I can call it. But I want to use a purple tie with it and probably a black suit. Are they good combinations? Please, it’s urgent, I want it to be my outfit to church tomorrow. Thanks.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hmmmm, without actually seeing the shirt and tie, I would say NO to pairing an orange shirt with purple tie. It would just be a bit too much color. Depending on the shade of orange and purple however, it could indeed work. A good example would be a light peach-orange shirt paired with a dark eggplant purple tie (especially if the tie has a similar shade of orange in it in form of stripes, dots, checks, etc). If you want, please send me a picture through my contact me form.

  18. manmohan says:

    i am having my first job interview next month…i am really confused about what to wear.suggest a few tie-shirt combinations that can help.
    thank you.

    1. hendrik says:

      What you wear to the job interview depends in part on the actual job/industry you are applying for, as well as your location. Typical job interview attire consists of a dark colored suit, white or light blue dress shirt, and a necktie. I would suggest to stick to somewhat conservative tie colors, styles, and patterns. Usually burgundy and navy are excellent choices. Stripes are great, as are solids, subtle polka dots, and checks. What you want to avoid are very loud florals and paisleys – unless you are applying for a job where a bit of “flash” is a benefit (for example: sales). I hope this helps.

  19. Nish says:

    I have a wedding reception to go to. Want to get noticed but not so much either! I have a dark gray suit and a solid white shirt. What color tie and pocket square? I am 30 and my friends are trying to hook me up!! So, would be trying to come across as a young, energetic, playful guy. I don’t know if that matters in deciding the color of tie and pocket square.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Nish, great question! My suggestion (assuming it is for a spring or summer-time wedding): Pink!!! Pink tie and complementing pink pocket square. But don’t have pocket square and tie match exactly instead use different patterns to create a more “playful” and less formal look. Perfect here is a pink paisley necktie and a pocket square in blue with pink accents (such as polka dots, plaids, etc). Hope this helps, and good luck!

  20. om says:

    sir I m a teacher so what should be the colour of my tie as per different formal

    1. hendrik says:

      If I am understanding your question correctly, you are asking what type of ties to wear for formal functions? If so, then here is a guide that might be helpful:

  21. Tina says:

    I love your article and its really inspiring.Am getting married and want to ask your opinion on my finace colour matching.He wants to put on a cream coloured suit and a white shirt with a lemon tie.please do you think it is perfect?Thanks

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Tina, thanks for the question. The tan suit and light yellow tie makes me assume that the wedding is in the spring or summer. Is this right? If so, then I would say yes to this look because it is for a wedding. I would not recommend it for a job interview of for the office, however. =) Just make sure that the yellow is not too pale and does not contain a brownish undertone. Otherwise it might seem like you tried to match the tan of the suit, but failed to do so. =)

  22. Mark says:

    I am going to a race meeting next weekend. I have two suits. One is black, the other is navy blue with green pin stripes. Can you possibly advise me on what colour of shirts & ties I could wear to match these suits? Many thanks.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Mark, thank you for the comment/question. White and light blue shirts would always work well. But if you want something a bit more unusual, then I would suggest playing with either different fabric weaves or pattern. An oxford cloth shirt (one that has a slightly coarser weave), as well as a fine herringbone pattern in solid color would be great. It makes a subtle difference which those, who care about style, will notice. In terms of ties, you can pick any for the black suit. It really depends on the look you are going for. Want something more conservative? Then a regimental striped tie in dark blues would be great. Want something more trendy? Then a brightly colored piece in reds featuring a bolder pattern (such as paisleys or plaid) would be nice. I hope this helps.

  23. bill william says:

    i really appreciate this very helpful site. pls send to my email information about best and different matching of ties for the suits

  24. Michael says:

    which necktie match to a navyblue and maroon long sleeve?

    any advice? im using it at work

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Michael, you have a shirt that has both colors (navy and maroon) on it??? Can you send me a picture? You can reach me at pohlhendrik at gmail. Thanks!

  25. Chris says:

    Hi Hendrik,

    I have a white and blue western pin stripe shirt. It has embroidery on each side of the buttons and also on the sleeves. I don’t want to wear a bolo tie with it but I am not sure what color would work best. I tried a burgundy tie today and it looks very distracting, like the embroidery is straddling the tie and getting ready to ride off. I am a salesman by trade and so appearance is very important. What is your tie recommendation? Please note the shirt is very nice and looks great without a tie but that is against company regulations.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Chris, very interesting question. Normally I would suggest a Bolo Tie for a wester shirt. The embroidery in next to the buttons (this area is called placket) can clash when half covered with a necktie. How about wearing a different shirt for the event? If you are still set on wearing this shirt, then I would suggest a solid colored tie in dark navy. I would choose a tie with more of a matte finish (ribbed texture would work great), rather than a shiny satin finish. The dark navy of the tie will set a contrast to the shirt, but will also keep the look simple. You do not want to add too much decoration as the embroidery is already enough. Let me know if I can help in any other way. you can also send in a picture…

  26. Barbara says:

    My son has his school graduation shortly and we are at the decision stage of what colour shirt to wear. He has a black suit with a pinstripe through it and his bow tie is classed as a ‘shell’ colour (beige to lighting brown). His partner is wearing this shell colour

  27. Barbara says:

    This shell colour from the previous message is quite similar to your background colour of your favourite ties list and instructions for the bow tie knot. Are you able to send your suggestions and advice by return email. He is wearing black shoes. Thanks.

  28. John says:

    Good job!!

    I’m thinking of wearing ash suit with purple shirt and silver ties on my wedding day. please advise

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi John, that would certainly work. It is unusual, but it would work. Most weddings would choose to wear a solid white shirt with purple tie. But you can indeed use your short to add color as well. Thanks for leaving a comment and congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  29. franc says:

    Nice stuff going on here

  30. shadie says:

    i resently bought a black suit for an upcoming event. pliz suggest 4 me which tie color n shirt to match them.

    1. hendrik says:

      HI Shadie, if you are looking for a very elegant look then I would suggest a classic white shirt. For even more elegance, look for a French-cuff shirt that can be worn with cufflinks. For the necktie, you have several options. Want something formal and elegant? Then how about a black, silver, or maroon colored bow tie? Solid neckties in the same colors would also be excellent – especially when paired with a complementing pocket square. i hope this helps.

  31. Lars says:

    Hi. My wife bought me a light grey tie. It has a faint hint of darker stripes in an angle. The material feels like almost like wool, so you can imagine the shine. What color shirt do I match this tie with? I love thick striped shirts, pink and white, purple and white etc..

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Lars, can you send me a photo of the tie? pohlhendrik(at)gmail That would be great and I can then give you some great suggestions. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  32. Alvin says:

    I love your site, I am about to retire from the military after 20 years of service and had no idea how to put a proper suit together thank you now maybe I will not look foolish when I interview in the civilian world.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Alvin,
      Thank you for the comment and an even bigger thank you for your service! It is much appreciated.

  33. Priya says:

    My wedding is in next 2 months. I got a dark purple saree completely worked with golden threads and stones. My fiancé is planning to wear blazer / coat-suit. We have in mind medium grey suit with purple shirt. He is of medium complexion. Please suggest.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Priya, congrats on getting married. I assume you need some advice on what tie (color and pattern) to wear? If so, then here are my two top picks for this outfit: Plaid tie using different hues of purple and gray. Solid purple tie matching your saree. Hope this helps!

  34. Willard Hall says:

    I’m sorry to tell you but a white tie and a white shirt is formal wear…and is not what you wear unless it’s a wedding…

    1. hendrik says:

      HI Willard,

      That is true. White ties are also a required clothing piece for judges at the German court. =)

  35. Serge says:


    Your site is awesome. Just a a question, if i wear a purple tie and grey suit. What colour of shirt will make it stand out ( the best colour of shirt to wear).

    Many thanks for your advice.


    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Serge,

      White would be your best option. It will create a nice canvas to make your purple tie truly pop.

  36. Jevin Mathew says:

    Am buying a Magenta shirt for my college function and I wanna know which color tie will suit it, I’ll be wearing it with a black pants and black shoes. The event will be in the morning, hope my selection is good!

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Jevin, because the shirt is so bright and attention-grabbing, I would suggest to stick with a tie that compliments your pants, and also sets contrast to your shirt. A good option here would be a light silver/gray tie. Here is one that would work well. The pattern on this tie will also add a bit more excitement:

  37. Tim Hamilton says:

    This blog should be added to the main page. I am retiring from the military and this is a very common question. What are the tie color meanings. Great information just add it to your main page maybe under the dress code section.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for the suggestion. Will follow your advice. You will find a link from the homepage to this necktie color guide very shortly.

  38. rob says:

    Im buying a Royal Blue shirt for my grandmas 90th party and I want to know which color bow tie will suit it. I’ll be wearing it with black pants and black shoes.Can you suggest what colors would look good with it? I dont want to wear the normal black bow tie.


    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for the question. Typically I would recommend that the shirt is always lighter in color than the tie. But, because you are wearing a darker blue shirt, darker colors for the ties are a bit limited. Here are five good colors for you: Charcoal, midnight blue, silver, dark orange, and burgundy. I hope this helps!

  39. Runako Porter says:

    hi, I have a dark bronw suit, with light brown lines. what color shirt and tie please?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Runako, you can always go with a classic white shirt, but other suitable colors are light blue, light tan, and light pink (great for summer). Besides solid colored shirts, you can also have a pattern. Because your suit has stripes, I would suggest NOT to have stripes on the shirt. Instead, textured weaves (herringbone for example) or small checks are excellent. Good necktie colors are dark navy, dark green, orange, and pink. I hope this helps.

  40. Teddy says:

    Hi, I’m so impress by your blog , anyway i am helping a friend out,gray suit, white shirt, what color of tie will you suggest for a gray suit,they were thinking of using orange colour, am kind of suggesting they should use blue neck tie, pls what do you suggest

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Teddy, thanks for the question. A gray suit and white shirt is one of the easiest looks to find a matching necktie for. That being said, ANY color will match. BUT, pay attention to: 1. Dress Code, 2. Time of Day, 3. Season. The more formal the dress code, the more conservative the tie should be (meaning plain design and darker colors). Daytime is typically better suited for more color on your neckties while wearing a pink colored tie for evening wear is not suggestible. Finally, think about the season. Spring and Summer typically sees lighter colors (light blue, pinks, lime green, yellow, peach, orange, etc). For Fall and Winter, necktie designers typiclaly opt for more muted colors in their collections (midnight blue, gray, dark brown, olive, charcoal, dark purple, dark orange, etc).

      I hope this is helpful.

      Founder of Tie-a-Tie.net

  41. Tobi says:

    what tie will match my lemon shirt on black or grey trouser?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Tobi, thanks for the question. You picked quite a bold shirt color. Typically you want the shirt to be lighter in color than the necktie. I would suggest a tie that has neutral tones in it such as gray, charcoal or black. A lemon yellow tie with white and charcoal stripes would be perfect for example. I hope this helps…

  42. proudmomma says:

    Hi,please help me decide. I have a gold dress to wear on our wedding. Can my fiance wear a purple tie? What color of long sleeves should he wear with it? It’s sort of a gold-violet motif.

    1. hendrik says:

      Yes, your fiancee can certainly wear a purple tie – ideally worn with a classic white shirt. If you want to match a little more, then how about adding a gold colored tie clip, golden cufflinks, as well as a gold colored belt buckle.

  43. Nicholas says:

    Shalom, i like your blog. Here it goes, I’m going to have an interview this Saturday, it’s a BBA interview. So, I would like to ask your opinion and recommendation on attire and tie colour should I wear. I’m thinking of wearing white long sleeve and black medium size tie would do. Thanks 🙂

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Nicholas, thanks for the question. Can you tell me what BBA is? Without knowing the industry or position, it would be tough to give perfect advise, but you can’t go wrong with a white dress shirt. As for the tie, I would show a bit more color like dark red or navy. Black can be too formal. It can also look like you are headed to a funeral. You want to cheer up the interviewer. Who would want to work with someone who makes you sad? =)

      1. Nicholas says:

        I’m sorry. It is Bachelor of Business Administration. It’s an interview for students who are applying to some Universities in Malaysia (for BBA), we need to go thru the interview first.

        1. hendrik says:

          HI Nicholas, thanks for clarifying. In that case I would suggest a dark navy or gray suit, white shirt, and a necktie showing some of the school colors. I assume schools in Malaysia also have school colors like in the US or England. If not, then I suggest you wear a royal blue tie with either fine texture, stripes, or small paisley. This one for instance would be great:

  44. DADA MARY says:


  45. daniel scott says:

    Hi Hendrik, iam getting married in august, just bought a Camden blue check suit,( ben Sherman ) useless at matching, what colour shirt and tie would be best. kind regards Daniel

    1. hendrik says:

      HI Daniel, congrats on getting married! I assume that the suit has a more modern cut as typical for Ben Sherman. This means the suit is a bit more tapered at the waist, has a snugger fit, and narrower lapels. That being said, I would suggest a tie that is 2.75″ to 3.25″ in width. White would be the most formal and most classic shirt color. Stick to classic cotton (no linen). As for the tie color, I am sure your wife has a certain color in mind? If not, and if you can pick whatever tie color you want, then I suggest something bright and fun such as coral-red, pink, or a fresh green. As for the pattern, I am a huge fan of pin-dots. I would avoid stripes and either do some type of textured solid, small dots (aka pin-dots) or a plaid.

  46. daniel scott says:

    thanks Hendrik, very helpful

  47. Gabriel says:

    Which neck tie color matches black and white checked shirt???

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Gabriel, you can always go with a solid tie in gray, charcoal, or black. But stripes, dots, and even checks also work. Just make sure that the patterns are different in size.

  48. Harshil Chordia says:

    Hey Hendrik, I am 15 and i have got 2 suits, one is linen dark blue with sky blue shirt and the other one is blackish green which also has some yellow tone in it with a yellow shirt and i want to know what color tie i should wear and also please help me with patterned or plain solid tie. Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. hendrik says:

      HI Harshil, sorry it took me a while to respond to your question. I hope that my advise is still going to be helpful…
      First, let me start by saying that choosing a blue linen suit is excellent. It sounds like you are a very stylish young man! It is great to see that today’s youth is paying attention to both fashion and style.
      Now my tips on wearing ties for each of the suits. The navy linen suit will be quite easy to match a tie to. Because linen is a “summer fabric” I would recommend a “summer tie” meaning a necktie featuring bright colors of orange, light blue, yellow, peach, and pink. Often times these summer typical ties are made from linen or cotton – something that gives them a more casual look. In terms of width I would recommend something on the narrow side of around 2.75″. The second suit and shirt combinations sounds a a little more tricky. I would play off the yellow found on the shirt and would choose a tie that has small yellow accents in the design. I hope this is helpful

  49. Dayo says:

    Can you wear a (persian) blue suit and a silver bow tie for a wedding? need help

    1. hendrik says:

      Sure you can. But why wear a solid silver bow tie? Add some pattern to your look. Since you are wearing a suit and not a tux, you can wear non-solid bow ties

  50. Amr Mohamed Nizar says:

    Hi… The blog was very informative…. But I am facing a problem about what color bow I will wear for my sister’s wedding… I am wearing black suit and a light blue shirt… And i prefer to wear a bow…. And it shoud be elegant and it should have the youth touch… What color do you suggest that i should wear.!??

  51. Amr says:

    Hi… The blog was very informative…. But I am facing a problem about what color bow I will wear for my sister’s wedding… I am wearing black suit and a light blue shirt… And i prefer to wear a bow…. And it shoud be elegant and it should have the youth touch… What color or design do you suggest that i should wear.!???

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Amr, are you in the wedding party? If so, then you may want to consult with your future brother in law, or even better, with your sister. If you are not in the wedding party, then you have much more freedom to choose a bow tie you like. Since you are not wearing a suit and not a tux, you can go with a slightly more fun and casual bow tie. If you want something fun, youthful, and perfect for the summer, then how about a madras plaid in bright colors? If that is a bit too bold, then polka dots are fun too.

  52. Ali says:

    Hi, I am getting marriage in September and my fiancé wants me to wear peach tie so what color of shirt and suit should be , please help me,. Thanks

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Ali,
      Peach is a popular color for wedding ties. Typically it is worn during the spring and summer months. I assume that your wedding is going to be in a place where it is still sunny and warm during September. If that is the case, I would suggest a cream or tan colored suit and classic white dress shirt – a look you can never go wrong with during the summer season. Also, this look will look fantastic when adding a pastel orange or peach colored boutonniere.

      While the cream or tan suit is my personal preference, I should add saying that a peach colored tie will also look great with suits in gray, navy, and charcoal, as well as seersucker. Good luck and congrats on getting married.

  53. Manish says:

    Hello, please help me out. My fiancee will be wearing wine colored saree. To match it, I brought a gray suit that has a silver sheen. Should I wear a wine colored shirt? If so, what color necktie and pocket square should I wear. Got any other style tips for bow tie or other cool accessories?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Manish, personally I would stay away from a wine colored shirt. It is a bit too much color. Instead, pick a classic white shirt and add some wine red in form of a necktie or bow tie. Pocket squares in complementing colors are great, but you can also add a boutonniere to your suit’s lapel. Whether you wear a necktie or bow tie is more a question of personal preference.

  54. Manish says:

    Thanks Hendrik for your response which is much appreciated and has also solved my problem. But one thing which i want to clarify is my suit is ready made stiched from Van Heusen is bit shining stuff having silver grey color…so will white color shirt go with it….or we can go for other option which can match with wine color necktie and suit….probably ligh Pink…

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Manish, you certainly don’t have to wear a white shirt, a pastel pink would be a great option for the summer. But I would suggest a lighter color as this will make it easier to match the necktie. Typically it looks best if the tie is darker in color than the shirt.

  55. charlie says:

    I will be attending a wedding in winter and am finding it difficult to decide what tie and pocket square to wear. I have already purchased a solid charcoal suit (it is quite a dark charcoal). I am intending to wear a white shirt but what ties and pocket squares would go with this?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Charlie, a charcoal suit and white shirt is a perfect “canvas” for any tie color and pattern. Since it is a winter wedding, I would choose a tie that is suited for the season. Perfect are ties made from wool or a silk/wool blend. If this is too “casual” then a knitted tie in gray, burgundy, or blue would be great. I would suggested a more subtle pattern such as pencil stripe, monochromatic paisley, or micro-checks.

  56. Regy says:

    I am getting my bf a pink necktie. I am wondering wat color of a shirt would be best for it?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Regy, you can always go with white. A white shirt and pink tie is a fantastic summer combination that looks great with suits in navy, gray, charcoal, and tan.

  57. Ahmed says:

    I’ll be attending my graduation ceremony in November for a master degree, and I don’t really know which tie will fit me the best. I have a black suit and a black pair of shoes, could you please recommend the best tie for such occasions?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Ahmed, since you are wearing a black suit and probably a white shirt, any tie color and pattern will look nice. But I would recommend something classic and timeless such as a repp-striped tie. Maybe even a striped tie that shows off your school colors?

  58. Daniel James says:

    Hi, pls i need advice on the color of tie that will match my 6 groomsmen. I am wearing a grey suit on a white shirt. My groomsmen are wearing black suit, three of them are wearing lemon colored shirts while the other 3 are wearing pink shirts. Do the colors match the bridal party that consists of three pinks gown and three lemon yellow gowns? What color tie should we pick? Our wedding is in the summer.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Daniel, thanks for the question. Since you are the groom. Why don’t you wear a bow tie? To keep your look formal, you can go with a black, white, or ivory color bow tie or necktie.

  59. william ritchie says:

    I wear burgundy shirt and wear a buckskin vest, and I want to try bowties,any colour recommendations,i wear for work, as a tourguide

    1. hendrik says:

      HI William, the bow tie would definitely be a fun addition for your look. It would be a great conversation piece and your clients will love it! Pick a fun patterned bow tie and stay away from solids. I would suggest a classic tartan plaid in reds and greens. It will look nice with your vest and shirt. It will be a fun look!

  60. Master says:

    Hi, I’m dark in complexion. I have a white wedding to attend by next weekend. Have a charcoal grey suit with white shirt and a black shoe. But, I’m confused on the right neck tie and breast tie colour to pair those with. Is sky blue ok?

    1. hendrik says:

      Yes, light blue would make for a great tie and pocket square color. It is perfect for daytime functions like weddings.

  61. GS says:

    I’m a brown latino…LOL

    Anyways, what do you think of a pink solid shirt, a solid burgundy tie, a black vest with a black suit jacket and black pants?


    1. hendrik says:

      Hi GS, since you have a darker complexion bright colors such as a pink dress shirt will look excellent on you. The burgundy tie will look nice as long as the shade of burgundy does not clash with the pink found on the shirt. Dark black and charcoal suits are always a save option!

  62. Vikram Bajaj says:

    I have a dark grey, almost charcoal colored suit.The shirt is silver,and is sort if silky.
    What color tie would you suggest?

  63. kshitij says:

    i bought a charcoal 3 piece suit with rust detailings. And a dark orange shirt. what tie should i team it up with?

  64. Brian says:

    Hi, I have a bright light blue shirt and a light lavender shirt, and I wanted to know what color tie would be versatile to go with both. Additionally, should my tie “match” with anything, like the rule of matching your shoes and your belt?

  65. Nik V. says:

    Hello and good morning, I have a red printed floral dress shirt and I’m finding a hard time to get a tie that will compliment the shirt. Any suggestions?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Nik, sounds like a fun summer shirt! It depends on the actual floral print. If the print is fine (meaning smaller scale), then add a larger scale patterned necktie such as wide stripes or even larger paisley print. If it is a larger floral print (as you would find on a hawaiian shirt), then you are better off going sans necktie.

      1. Nik V. says:

        Hendrik, you’re awesome and thank you. I found a nice paisley tie that will definitely make the shirt look good!

  66. jboy says:

    Please sir I’m confused. I got a black suit and a purple long sleeve shirt and a black tie. How do u see it. I wanna go to church but I don’t like white and light blue shirt but I have them. Pls tell me if purple shirt and black tie and black suit will be okey. Thanks sir.

    1. hendrik says:

      Sure you can wear a black suit and tie with a purple shirt! Anything will pair this black!

  67. Mark says:

    Awesome site!!!
    I am getting married in March and I am going to wear a traditional morning suit…Black jacket, grey vest, white shirt, striped pants. What tie color would work best with that combo (i’m trying to stay away from patterns)…..Thanks again!

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Mark, that is quite the dapper ensemble you have picked for your big day! Traditionally “morning suits” that feature a tailcoat cut are worn with Ascot ties. Should this be too “old school”, then you can also wear a solid colored bow tie or even a necktie. I suggest you keep the colors formal – meaning solid black, charcoal, dark navy, or burgundy. I hope this helps!

  68. Amador says:

    Hendrik, Thank you for the site. I’m thinking of wearing a charcoal suit with purple multi-plaid shirt. What tie color would you recommend? I’m attending a family wedding. I could change shirt colors if you have a better suggestion, and might change shirt and tie after church ceremony so I have a different look for the evening. Thoughts?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Amador, if you want to stick with the purple plaid shirt, then I suggest a tie in gray, silver, dark navy, or a very dark purple such as eggplant.

  69. Basman says:

    Hi Hendrik, you have a wonderful site. I am attending a wedding this summer, and have a light grey suit, I am considering having a white shirt with light purple tie. What do you think Sir? I’m asking because I’ve never tried the purple tie before.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Basman, that is a great combo. The light gray suit is perfect for a tie in lavender or lilac color. It will look great!

  70. Tosin says:

    Cream Suit + Navy Shirt

    What colour bowtie should I add to this combo?

    1. hendrik says:

      How about a light blue shirt instead? It would compliment the summer look of the cream colored suit much nicer. As for the bow tie, I would suggest something that picks up the light blue on the shirt. How about this one here: http://www.bows-n-ties.com/Linen-Madras-Freestyle-Bow-Tie.html (please copy/paste into your address bar)

  71. Luke says:

    I am preparing to go to a formal in about 2 months and was suggested a tie/shirt combination I was not sure about. It is a white tie, light blue shirt and black suit. Can I please have your thoughts on this?

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Luke, typically it is recommended that the tie is darker in color than the shirt. But, if you are looking for a trendy outfit, then a solid white tie on a blue shirt would be fun. I’s say: Go for it!

  72. samy says:

    have a wedding to attend n da dress code is red tie. what color shirts would suit with a bright red, gloss tie ?
    planning to wear black suit n trousers with it !

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Samy, that is very interesting that a red tie is required. Is it a Chinese wedding? In any event, the white shirt is always great and classy. What something more trendy and avant-garde? Then wear a slimmer red tie (narrower than 2.75″) and pair it with a fitted black shirt, black suit, and add a red carnation as a lapel flower.

  73. Sina Thun says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am going to join grand opening Japanese company, and wearing a white shirt, what tie color should I use for the occasion?


    1. hendrik says:

      HI Sina, wear a red tie. Japanese like this color. It is a powerful shade in traditional Japanese society, representing strong emotions rather than ideas. Also, did you know that the color of the sun is red in Japanese culture – hence the red circle on the Japanese flag.

  74. Olivia says:

    my wedding is coming up by November. My spouse wants an off white suit and trouser, black shirt and shoe. pls, what would be the colour of his bowtie and pocket square? because the colours i choose for the day are royal blue and yellow. Or do i have to change the colours i choose? Pls advice me on it. Thanks a whole lot.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Olivia, thanks for the question. Typically the shirt is lighter in color than the necktie. Also, typically the suits are darker than the shirt. These are general rules-of-tumbs that will make mixing and matching suits, shirts, and ties much easier. If you do indeed want to stick to the off-white suit and black shirt, then I would recommend a tie that is very light in color – matching the suit. An ivory necktie/bow tie would be a good pick. You can also go monochromatic, meaning picking a tie that matches the shirt.

  75. Heath A says:

    Just wondering, since I have NO sense as to what looks good on me anymore, I have a green Garcia tie with a blue accent. Would this look good with a light grey shirt? Not really wanting to do the normal white shirt and black pants. Heck I would even be ok with a vest but again I have no idea how to start. Great site and it was what I was looking for. Thanks

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Heath, Certainly you can wear your Garcia tie with a light blue shirt. A vest would also look great in either navy, charcoal, gray, or black.

  76. chisomo says:

    Hi, my girlfriend has invited me to a wedding ceremony and she has suggested a black suit, apple green shirt and yellow bow tie for me. Is it a perfect match? please help

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Chisomo, an apple green shirt? That is certainly a bold look. Typically such bright and loud colors are reserved for the smaller accessories such as ties, pocket squares, laces, socks, lapel flowers, tie bars, etc. If you do want to show color on your shirt, then I would suggest a softer pastel green hue. Apple green is just too bright IMHO.

  77. Gareth says:

    I want to wear a blue suit with a red tie to a wedding but not sure to go for a white shirt or a light blue shirt? What would u recommend ? And what clout shoes? Thanks for your help in advance.

    1. hendrik says:

      Hi Gareth, thank you for your question. Both, light blue or white, are fine for a red tie and navy suit. It all depends on the type of look you are going for. The white shirt will create more contrast, making the red tie “pop” even more. It is a bolder look that is more attention-grabbing. At the same time, it is a look often associated with politics.

  78. Sangita N says:

    What color shirt and tie will go with tan color suit will go for business interview?

    1. hendrik says:

      Sangita – no tan suit for a job interview unless you live in Miami or Puerto Rico. Take a dark navy suit instead paired with either white or solid light blue dress shirt. Keep it classy and conservative.

  79. Schuyler says:

    I want to wear a pin stripe dark purple dress shirt with a black vest to graduation. What would you recommend for a bow tie/regular tie?

    1. hendrik says:

      Schuyler – pick a tie that has some purple in it and a larger pattern (like a large scale plaid, wide stripes, or a textures solid)

  80. bob says:

    I have a nice pink suit and a yellow shirt that I have chozen to wear for my brother’s wedding, but I’m not sure what colour tie to wear. I have selected either a brown and pink checkered tie and a green and blue spotted tie but I need your help choozing.

  81. lindsey durney says:

    Hey. My husband had a mint shirt and a grey/black tie with pink stripes. Does that go together?

    1. Hendrik says:

      Yes, a mint shirt with gray/black tie would definitely work well.

  82. Scott says:

    I’m a real estate agent and I wear a blue or grey suit, with either pale blue or white shirts,I understand the blue and red tie concepts and this is usually what I wear however I’m feeling the need to wear more colourful ties and am drawn to the multi coloured jacquard and stripe ties. Any dos or donts here when selecting colours you may suggest

    1. Hendrik says:

      HI Scott, thanks for the message. A navy or gray suit is a perfect base for pretty much any tie color. The same can be said about white and light blue shirts. If your shirts are solid (no pattern) then that makes it even easier. So, you can go with any tie!!! Choose your tie to compliment the season. Pick pastels and brigher shades for spring and summer, and pick more muted Autumn hues for Fall and Winter. Also, the fabric of the tie can be coordinated with the season. Spring and Summer: silk, cotton, linen. Fall and Winter: Silks, Wool, and even Cashmere (looks fantastic on knit ties). I hope this helps.

  83. Ralph says:

    Im wearing a black suit to my wedding and Im wearing a light blue shirt and royal blue tie and hankie in pocket (my colors are royal blue white and silver) I did purchase a black vest with the suit….Should I go with a silver vest? so it will be a black suit….light blue shirt….royal blue tie and hankie…..black or grey vest what is your suggestion……

    1. Hendrik says:

      Hi Ralph, I would suggest you keep the color palette of the suit black. If the jacket is black, then wear a black vest. Traditionally vests only have different colors for formal attire that requires a tux. If you wear a suit then keep the vest the same color as the suit. I hope this helps.

  84. kodjo says:

    Thanks for this site. Please I have a wedding to attend. The suit is navy blue +a white shirt. can a peach color tie go with it?

    Thank you.

    1. Hendrik says:

      Of course. It is a nice combo! Navy suit + white shirt is a great canvas for any tie!

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