Pocket Square Folding Guide is Now LIVE

New to Tie-a-Tie.net: Pocket Square Folding Guide

Hello fellow tie aficionado, I am excited to have added a new section to my Tie-a-Tie site teaching you five popular and stylish ways you can fold a pocket square. Besides teaching you step by step instructions on how to do each fold, I also describe what outfit and what type of dress code is best suited for each folding method.

Why Adding a Pocket Square?
The pocket square is a perfect compliment to your tie. Even if you decide to go “tie-less”, a pocket square can add some nice accent color to your outfit. If you are new to pocket squares then I suggest to go with a solid colored one (preferably white). Don’t try to match your tie color exactly but instead choose a complimenting color. For more information I suggest you also read my article on Ties & Pocket Squares.

Currently I only have illustrations but I am planning to also add some pocket square folding videos over the next few months. Should you have any questions, comments, or advice on how to make this guide better then please let me know. I am looking forward to your feedback!

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White Tie Dress Code

Just Added: Mens White Tie Dress Code

Hello visitor, over the past few weeks I have worked on another dress code guide, and I am excited to have uploaded my tutorial on men’s White Tie attire. Obviously, your feedback is appreciated. Should you have anything to add to my dress code guide, or have any suggestions for further improvement then I would like to hear from you.

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Ties & Pocket Squares

Pairing Ties with Pocket Squares

ties-pocket-squaresIf you are looking for more ways to dress up your tie then the pocket square will be the perfect accessory. The pocket square will add another small detail to your ensemble that, if done correctly, will instantly give your outfit a classier and more sophisticated look.

I have been a fan of pocket squares for quite some time now and I am actually currently working on a guide teaching different ways to fold a pocket square. I expect to have this tutorial (covering 5 or 6 different folds) published later this month). Until then, here is a quick tutorial for matching ties with pocket squares.

When to Wear a Pocket Square
There is never a bad time to wear a pocket square but there are some occasions that will be more suited than others. A job interview for example might not be the ideal situation. For a face to face interview a classic and conservative outfit is typically more important than trying to make a fashion statement. Other are formal dress codes such as Black Tie occasions where a white pocket square is almost a must have clothing accessory.

Matching a pocket square to suit, shirt, and tie is quite simple. The pocket square does not have to match the tie color exactly. Instead the color has to compliment the rest of your outfit. Should you choose to wear a light rose colored dress shirt, gray suit, and pink tie, then a pocket square showing some pink and/or rose would be an excellent choice.

Do you have to wear a solid color pocket square if you chose to wear a solid color necktie? The short answer is no, not at all. In fact, I find it quite boring if the pocket square pattern and color is the exact same as the necktie. The only thing that should be considered is the color. Patterns can be combined quite wildly. The only thing you should remember is this rule of thumb: Make sure that patterns on each piece are different in size.

Different Folds
Just like there are many different ways you can tie a tie (there are in fact over a 100 different tie knots out there), there are several choices in folding a pocket square. I am currently working on a guide and graphical illustration that will teach you the most popular folds.

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